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1987 maxda b2600 diesel conversion part 2

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since the first conversion of grey 1987 mazda 3 speed automatic transmission b2600 4x4 !!! the nephew needed a truck & i lent it to him...lol never seen it for 5 months & wished he could keep it!!!!.... & then the wife got a hold of it ...... i think her words were... mine go get your own!!! so this one will be mine barring no damn claim jumpers ....ahh hmmm i mean truck jumpers!!!

First some background and history on a mazda b2600 trucks!!! (just remember this is not the b2600i fuel injected gasoline engine made by mazda)

1... As far as i know mazda had Mitsubishi gasoline engines installed in there carbed b2600 trucks in only 3 years in the late mid 80`s...1986 1987 1988 known as the 2.6L G54B in north America.... which is really is a 2.3 td 4d55t mitsubishi diesel engine converted to a gasoline engine & then called 2.6L G54B!!!

2... knowing this....a lot of the gasoline 2.6L G54B engine parts flips over to this 4d55t & 4d56t diesel motor !!! mazda transmission,motor mounts,shells,balance shaft bearings,main bearings, bell housing, clutch pressure plate etc!!! what does not flip over (exact bolt on) is the starter, oil pump , power steering pump and altenator due to the injection pump being in the way!!!

3.. the diesel 4d55td 2.3l or 4d56t 2.5l mitsubishi diesel was installed on dodge d50 trucks,mitsubishi mighty max pickups,delica`s,pajero`s (aka know in north america as the montero that didn`t get the diesel engine) & ford ranger trucks!!

4.... hp of the little diesels were anywhere from 75 hp to 125hp on later 4d56t that had a water cooled turbo & was intercooled..!!!

5... i know a lot of you will ask why covert this truck.... well from a farmers view point ...more often then not this little buggers are cheap to buy in these years (86 87 88) & when the diesel convert is done... there up keep is far less then a gas model (license plates are cheaper, plenty of mazda b2600i parts available,pretty easy to work on & burn farm tractor diesel) i don`t need a 3/4 ton or a ton truck to run to town to pick up parts etc!!!

6 .. also another ??? is why buy the mazda b2600 4x4 automatic transmission trucks in these years??? simple for my needs this was the highest gearing one could get in a mazda 4x4 truck with 4.11 gears (diesel engines like higher gear ratio`s for fuel economy)... i know some rock climber guys would like to have a lot lower gearing ...but geez i`am on the prairie`s here & not much rocks around here!!! i also have one white 1987 b2600 automatic 2x4 pickup (air tilt cruise)... i think the gear ratio in it 3.73 (don`t quote me on this,not really sure).....but i wish i could find another ...and boy are they hard to find!!!

7 ... a lot of info here on this swap was not of my doing .... most info i got was from other threads !!!



ok this is what i have!!!

I have White 1987 mazda b2600 4x4 with 3 speed automatic transmission and a 2.6L G54B gas engine in it ... ok!!!!

work that is done already!!!!!!!!!!

i have replaced 3 speed automatic transmission....took out of the truck & threw it in the junk pile & have replaced it with a 5 speed manual transmission from a red 91 b2600i !!!!(the mazda motor was shot in it ..& it was $400 for the whole truck including newer tires on it)

I have taken the pedals & hydraulic clutch from the red 1991 mazda b2600i and have installed already in the 1987 b2600!!

i also have a 4d56t engine out of a 92 delica that was rear ended at 80k from a wrecker!!! & i also have this 1987 mazda b2600 mits 2.6L G54B gas engine out of the truck!!!! and the delica diesel 4d56t motor on a pallet sitting on the floor!!!

parts on order are a

TD04-09B-4 Turbocharger (oil & water cooled turbo)

2 engine block heaters!

manual glow plug kit for a ford 7.3!!

12 volt heated fuel filter!!

turbo actuator upgrade to 1.5 bar (20-23 psi boost)

dakota digital tach dsl 1 tach convertor

& trying to find a water cooled intercooler for this!!!

here are current pics !!!

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0 degrees f.... some of the parts i need are outside!!! & i`am not that young anymore!! the d50 in the middle of the pics has my turbo oil cooler!!! have to wait till it warms up!!




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a shot of the engines..

the 2.6 mits gas(on the cherry picker) & the delica 4d56t(on the pellet)!! the gas 2.6 engine is out ....

all wires & vac lines & fuel lines marked...

need the air condition condensor & lines from the 2x4 mazda truck outside!!

before i got this truck someone decided they didn`t like ac so they ditched it (middle pic) (they hit a damn bird didn`t bother to fix it & just ripped it out)!!! now i have to put it back in!!







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quick pic of parts on hand! tilt & cruise steering column from the mazda 2x4 outside

also a i have ford electric rad fan from a ford Taurus sho not in the pics!!!

so thats it...... the weather outside has me at a standstill!!!



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I think anyone reading this build will agree with the statement...do everything you can possibly do when the engine is out!! so i will start with alternator wire harness!!!

1..the old red d50 4x4 wiring harness is going to get hacked up!!!!!!

2...I cut the d50 4x4 alternator wire harness all the way back to brake boost (from passenger side to the drivers side...)!!!

3..the extra wires & connections i will use later if i want to install off road lights or maybe a 12v electric water pump for an water cooled intercooler!!!

4..right now i just need the wires to the alternator(the big fat white wire with square connector is the + to the battery)

5...ok back in the shop its warmer!!!!! the 5 pic is a pic of the 4d56t alternator on the shop floor (big fat white wire hooks up to the threaded + post on alternator)

6...ok time to connect the old red d50 4x4 alternator wiring harness to the 4d56t alternator on the shop floor...the other end of the red d50 4x4 alternator wiring harness (where i had cut it outside in the cold) now i make plugins to fit the mazda b2600 alternator wire harness!!! this way i`am not hacking up my mazda`s b2600 wires..everything just unplugs or plugs in...(well i guess one can think of it as an extension cord!!!)







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Has any got any better tricks for holding wires together other then soldering or mar connectors??? This how i have been taught!!!

1 split wires in two

2 twist the 2 halves together

3 then twist all together as one!!!

I tell ya i`am looking for info here as well!!! I haven`t figured out the damn fast idle that runs on vacuum on this 4d56t yet!!




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finishing up alternator wire harness!!

1.. need to make the ends for 4d56t alternator, any eye bolt connector or spade connector or round connector i stick`em in the vice & squash them this way they don`t come undone!! the plug in for the alternator (grey one in my hand) i tore off another mazda heater motor plug fits perfect!!!

2.. got it done taped up & this is done for 4d56t alternator..!

3... got find a damn plug that fits the mits gas motors alternator!!

4 ... found one up under the dash of the red d50 4x4!!

5...ok it works eye bolt connector held together with a little treaded bolt & a quick plug connector....

the quick plug connector wires I Will NOT... tape up !! It will come up later as to why later in the build!!

also got to finish labeling the rest of the wires on red d50 4x4 that i cut out in the cold...its just so much easier to wire stuff up when every thing is labeled,otherwise for me its like playing Mahjongg tiles!!!

6...And yes more damn work!!! a converted b2600 THAT I DID NOT DO is having issues (the guy i got it from said it had no oil pressure after a oil change)i will get it stripped down & sent away to a engine rebuilder.... !!!! these little motors all have sleeve`s...

Next onto the wiring of the injection pump







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For a permanent wiring splice: I like the 1, 2, 3, twist together method you reference above. I put heat shrink on one end of the wires before twisting together. I solder the twisted wires. Then I put a good coating of a sealant over the connection and slide the heat shrink over it all. Shrink that down and you have a very solid connection that is sealed against the elements!!! (Even after many years of service, I've never had one of these joints fail!!)

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This Scotchkote is for electrical work (any good supply house should carry it.) and lasts very well.

I've also used liquid electrical tape with good results (except that it hardens in the can too quickly!).


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i tell ya if you blink you will surely miss this!!! this is really easy!!!

1.. find the hot (+) coming off the ignition switch, the B2600 + or hot wire or keep the motor running wire or what ever you want to call it is at the coil where the battery sits!!

2..The electric fuel cut off switch is at that the back of the pump!!

3.. plug in made & labeled...just match the number up on the wires when putting in the engine !!!

4.. also the tachometer sending unit is here at the back of the pump...got to find a plug in for this one!!





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pics of the automatic consul that was modified for the 5 speed!!

1.. i used my plasma cutter to widen out the hole for the 5 speed stick shift lever to come though into the cab!!! One could also have used a replicating saw (sawzall)!!!

2.. i used card board to trace around the hole of the automatic to make a temp plate that i could cut the tin out of!!(i had to use duck tape to install it !!! the damn tin was sharp)and i used plasma cutter to cut the tin out!! but in the past i used a hammer & chisel on a anvil to cut tin!!

3.. i used card board again to trace around the inside of the 5 speed mazda boot.!!! (bet get you guys didn`t know i had a c&c machine {cutting card board... :-)...}

4...2 picks of the back of the consul !!! done

5... carpet & 5 speed shift boot installed ......done!!!(i can take the carpet out now & wash the damn thing)







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time to pull out the steering column if one wants tilt & cruise!!

1.. a pic of inside of truck ..drivers seat is removed & aux light & maybe master rad fan switch or what ever switch sitting on top of the instrument hood!!

2.. the 1987 2x4 tilt steering column cruise control plug!!

3.. the rigid 1987 4x4 steering column cruise control plug coming out of the wire harness!! man this looks promising just plug & play!!!

4..the drivers side kick panel....looks like a good spot to install the dakota digital tach convertor!! (i tell ya those little 3/8 cordless ratchets are a real time saver)

5..ok steering column out ...this makes easier to work on the foot pedal wiring for the cruise,installing a different instrument panel,wiring in aux lights,push button glow plug etc..!

6... instrument cluster & instrument hood out of 1987 mazda 2x4..where my finger is i will have to drill a hole for the push button glow plug switch!!







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boy..the wiring harness from the white 1987 4x4 in the shop doesn`t have a 4 plug wire plug like the 1987 2x4 has outside!!! any body got any ideas on wiring this puppy!! and where would a fella even look to find the other 2 wires..keep in mind these truck were both automatics & made in the same year 1987


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Mahjongg tiles on steriods!!!

what the schematic says compared to the wires are located...???

.....well thats just &*%^$#^$#! stupid

ok found some info on this ... thank god for other people that share info... these pics are not mine..but the pics really help!!!



its just the work to pull the whole damn dash apart to get this to work... the schematic does not tell a fella this at all!!!

an after market system thats suppose to work is .... (i have not tried this yet..& I`am sure in hell not going to tell the wife that cruise can be on her grey b2600)


... a fun fact ..this factory cruise swap will take up more work & time then swapping the gas engine to a diesel!! at the most its 3 hours to pull gasoline engine & tranny out in one chunk...as far as making the diesel run in the truck???? (for those who can`t wait) its just all most done ...all that really left is just swap the gas motor mounts & tranny with the diesel,swap oil pans & hook up the the turbo`s oil cooler and then install back in the truck!!




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DSC_2221_zpsd2c486df.jpg.htmlits just to darn cold to be outside pulling out the dash of the mazda b2600 2x4...cold weather & plastic dash parts don`t mix!! so i`am hunting for turbo intercooler parts!!



2.25" in/out

6" core length, 11.5" total length

4" diameter

3/4" NPT threads for fittings

100% aluminum

extreme light weight, 2.5lbs total

Bosch 12v Intercooler Water Pump out of mustang svt and ford lightning pickups

pillar gauges are on order ....water temp gauge(for intercooler) egt gauge,& boost gauge!! DSC_2238_zpse0fed507.jpg.htmlDSC_2229_zps640732a3.jpg.html

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to darn cold to work on plastic dashes so let make a diesel oil pan pickup tube...!

i never found out how jeff here


made his diesel pickup tube...i always wondered how he got it to sit in the right place in the oil pan when he was done brazing this up...??? (its hard to hold pickup tubes & run a torch at the same time)

so this is what i`am doing!!!

1.. i bought a mazda b2600 truck that had a mits 2.6 gas in it with the rod hanging outside of the block ($175)..the 5 speed transmission will bolt on the back of the 4d56t and i have been robbing all i can for electrical wires & plug ins for this build! (just found out the transfer case in this thing is shot...well i guess i will use the red 1991 b2600i 5 speed)

2..where my finger is ..is where the mits gas engine oil pickup tube was bolted up!!

3..taking the oil pan off ..it has 10mm bolts...it is the mits gasoline 2.6 engine in the shop!!

4..got to take off the motor mount brace off of the bell housing (i screw the bolts back in the brace so they are easy to find and that they go back together the same way it came apart)

5..if you follow the dipstick here...its bolted up under the carb ...a real (cuss & swear & swear & cuss) when the engine is in the truck!!!it has to come off so one does not bend it...I need it for the 4d56t diesel!

6.. oil pan out & sitting on the hole in the block engine out side...(darn cold...wearing insulated gloves help)







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1..a thin cardboard box to start making my template...( the thinner the cardboard the better for doing this job)

2..tapping ever so lightly on the cardboard ..its an easy way to cut cardboard with a hammer by tapping on the bottom of the engine block where the oil pan sits!!

3..its comming...! now its time to use a ball-peen hammer & tap out the 10mm bolt oil pan holes of the block!!! i have to say its really nice having a wrecked engine block for this job.. i really don`t care if card board gets stuck in the bolt holes or any other junk that falls in the engine!!!

4..ok get my jig made in metal (its not pretty but it works)...and i also got oil pan 10mm head bolt holes drilled...done...also there is 2 bolts sticking up in the far top right of the block..( this is where the diesel oil pump will suck oil from & i also tapped this out from cardboard from the diesel block) if you look real close there is also 2 holes drilled in the top cross piece..i use the holes and a zip tie to anchor my pickup tube...(though the holes & around the pickup tube)

5...the pickup tube sticking up in the air is the mits gasoline 2.6 oil pickup tube & the other long one is from a mazda b2200 i think!!!(it doesn`t have to be a oil pickup tube from a vehicle to work any thin metal pipe will work as long as it is really close to the same size)

6..you can really get an idea of how this will help me braze this sucker together...(still got to cut off the pickup screen off the b2200 oil pickup tube) it would have been better picture if i turned the mazda b2200 oil pickup 45 degrees to tie in to the the mits 2.6 gas pickup tube...!!! when i get this diesel oil pickup tube made i will finish this jig so one will not need the old hole in the block engine again..!!! that damn thing is heavy!!! i will get this brazed up tommorrow its getting darn dark & really cold!!







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well since the little shop is full of 2 engines & a truck..... i`ve had it... took this into another shop & get this steel in the warm...man it takes forever to warm up steel when its this cold!! I could have backed the truck in the shop & did this ( the one with the hole in the block in the back)...but it will not get warm enough for long enough to do this job with bare hands with the over head door open!.... did i mention that the damn block its heavy...)

1.. the mazda gas 2.6 oil pickup tube tied up to the top of the jig with a zip tie...(move around now you sucker (pardon the pun) when i`am putting the heat on it or welding on it :-))

2.. to your left is the oil pickup tube is from a mazda b2200 (still not 100 percent sure on this) & the one on the right is the mazda`s 2.6 gas oil pickup tube ...notice!!!! they are not the same size!!!

3.. the mits 2.6 gas oil pickup tube is cut in two & where i think they needed to be cut & bolted in place!! (the vice grips are there just to be ready when i need them..darn pipe gets damn hot when welding)

4.. took emery cloth & shined up both oil pick up tubes ....getting ready to spot weld with the mig!!

5.. test fitting mazda b2200 pickup tube...grind a little here ...cut just a little there etc!!!

6.. the mig welder ground clamp on...ready to spot weld the pipe... my hand did not hold on to that pipe for very long it got hot....

i wonder where my vice grips went too... :-) !!!

(geez i just noticed in the pics that one can see the frost coming out of the crank & engine block its starting to turn white!!!)..







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