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Hey guys,

Grew up here in Boise and have had my 96 Cummins for about 6 years and never even knew you all existed till today. I look forward to meets and greets along with some knowledge sharing.

I would like to start off with a question though while I am here...

I have been using K&N filters for oil and fuel and would like to change over to Fleetguard, but I am not sure where to find them here is Boise.

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I cant type apparently... lol

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Welcome to ITD. Have you looked through "The Mall" or other site sponsor listings? Frantz Filters is a site sponsor. Have you looked at their offerings? Or try this, since you're interested in Fleetguard filters.

Our next dinner meeting will be on Jan 21st at the Nampa Sizzler. We meet in the back parking lot at 6:00 PM and move inside whenever, depending on the weather, temperature, and how hungry you are at the time.

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glad you are here. welcome to Idaho turbo diesels!

congrads on the decision to do away with those inferior k&n's.

most truck shops would have these. trebar, lake city international, etc. even case shops. ive even seen deere shops have a supply.

look fwd to visiting at the meet :cheer:

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If you are still having trouble getting them, let us know. About any of the 'truck' shops should be able to get them and most all should be willing to sell to you!

I also wanted to tell you about Napa Auto parts and the spring and fall sale they have on their filters. Their Napa Gold filters are made by Wix and are almost as good as FleetGuards. What I like about their sale is it is usually at least 70% off!!!! It is well worth it to stock up for the whole year!!

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