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Did the mopar steering upgrade on my truck.

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Makes a hell of a difference!! The kit came with pitman arm the new one has a bigger bend in it to help align the drag link with the track bar. entire steering(tierods, draglink) stabilizer. I got the kit from dodge. They call it an upgrade kit for recall purposes. I installed the kit my self. Due to the fact i dont let anyone work on my truck but me. They said they would install it free of charge to me. While i had everything apart i did all my ball joints and hub bearings. Pickup drives really great. Like new again!! I will get some photos up soon.

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Dealer ship should do if for free. I got the tierod recall in the mail. And called them gave them my VIN. And they said my steering needed the up grade. They would have done it for me for free. But i wanted to do it my self. Almost 500.00 bucks is what i paid. I did the work myself.

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I need to take both my '06 and '08 in for this, but it'll be a trip to Mountain Home to do it.

I won't let Larry Miller in Boise touch my trucks other than oil changes.


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