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New or rebuilt 06 dodge 5.9 cummins

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I have a 2006 dodge that the mechanic says I need to re place the motor. He tells me that I have no compression in cylinder #2. I would like quotes for a rebuild if possible or a replacement?

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That's the pits!! Was this from an injector failing? I have a friend that this happened to his motor as well. I think his is an '04....

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the truck is now back together and running like a top.

yes, injector issue.

this is just another example that teaches one to be really picky when making an injector choice. say NO to remans as well as the aftermarket choices put together in the us. there is a whole lot to these CR injectors and they are no place to skimp out.

this truck now has a set of bbi stg 1 injectors. :thumbup: im sure jeff will love these as much as I love mine.

one good thing is jeff was aware of an issue and shut it down asap. some wrongly choose to drive and limp it in which in the case of this 06 would have been death on that 5.9. his wise decision to shut it down quick saved the engine.

I will be returning the truck to jeff here shortly. in addition to the new bbi stg 1 injectors the truck will be sporting the brand new smarty touch.

im happy that I was able to give jeff the good news instead of telling him what we were expecting. the shop in Dakota told him that compression was way low on #2 and that it needed a new engine or a rebuild. we can see that they lied to jeff. sucks! dishonest people anyway.

happy it turned out good :ok:

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this 06 does not. however before it goes back to jeff we will be installing fass 150 with 2 micron filtration.

one must keep the partikles out of those new BBi stg 1 injectors :ok:

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