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Interesting Week for the Peters Family

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Good morning everyone. My wife's car blew a tire last night while my daughter was driving (she's a pizza delivery driver, in addition to her part-time job with the Nampa school district) when the tire let go. Luckily, she was returning to the "office" when it happened. I was still in Boise (during rush hour) when she called. We just bought these tires on Saturday. I don't see any physical damage. None of my gals want to drive the car now. I drove my wife to work this morning. I'm getting ready to head over to the tire shop.

Oh, I tried to use the OEM Toyota scissor-jack and crank-rod thingy to change the tire. They bent. Seriously, I could feel and see the rod twisting while trying to lift the right-front of the car. The screw-bar in the scissor-jack is also bent. That's going to be another interesting conversation with the Toyota dealer.

Hope everyone has a better week than I'm having. It can only get better from here, right?

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Just "one of those things" happening, Muddy. I could feel the jack-rod twisting, which gave me a bad feeling. When it slipped out, I scraped my finger on the asphalt. Figured it was time to grab the bottle jack from under the Ford hood. Went pretty well after that. I had to use the Toyota jack to raise the car enough to slide the truck jack underneath, but it was a very simple process after that.

Not sure if the tire had a bad bead or what. The shop guys inspected the tire and couldn't find anything in the tire, so they swapped on another new one, and I was on my way in about 15 minutes, and that includes time filling out the paperwork.

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