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Gauge Time - ISSPro EV2's

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Well my old DiPricol's gave up on me and after 10 years of service served me well. So here is my new ISSPro EV2's... I even had Eric at Vulcan Performance build me a custom sender bracket to relocate my senders to the fender.



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Completed... Really nice gauges over the DiPricols I had. But I'm going a step farther I'm going to pick up the programming USB cable for the gauges so I can set the red LED warning light. You can select a limit to light the warning light for each gauge. None of the sender are on the engine or fuel system everything is remote mounted on the fender now.









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I was informed that Eric at Vulcan performance will be creating a sender bracket for remote mount. We discussed the idea of adding test ports for fuel pressure or boost pressure or what ever. So I think he's aiming to create a actual kit for electric gauges from the information I've provided.

I got to say its nice to have a effect on the manufacture of a product... :ok:

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