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Weekend at San Diego Naval Base

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That's right, just spent the weekend in San Diego Ca. at the naval base. Went for a VIP trip for a program called Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate. Was quite fun! We got a tour of the USS Chancellorsville (a cruiser) and the USS Pasadena (LA class fast attack nuclear powered sub). No pictures were allowed on the sub so enjoy the few pics from the Chancellorsville!








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If you're seriously looking at the nuke program, you better take it if its offered.

I know a couple guys that get paid really good money for power design (non-nuclear) in the civilian sector. It's not a big job market, but it's one of those niche jobs that do have opening and pay upwards of 100k a year.

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I am looking into it seriously, it is very difficult to get into and I also have other good opportunities I am looking into as well.

This job does pay quite well, but as the LT's said, it never pays back the amount of time and work one invests. But it is also very rewarding. So we will see!

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