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Weekend gettaway

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About the weekend or the truck?? Haha.

Had a fun weekend. Went to good ol' Pocatello for Easter weekend. Spent lots of time with the family. Got to stay in a very luxurious hotel :D truck was a blast. Got the F250 Lariat, quite nice. Especially enjoyed the cooled seats and the stereo/nav system. Rather did not enjoy the 12.4 MPG...what can a person expect out of a gasser tho

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I should have shot a vid of the dash! Pretty fancy and loaded with a lot of info and 'stuff'.

Running empty, with 4 adults and not much 'stuff' this thing was downshifting on the freeway fairly often. The first 'hill' I noticed it downshifting was near the East exit for Twin. It is a gentle rolling hill that I bet doesn't rise 50'...... It had a 6 speed auto and the range selector display on the dash showed what gear it was in. That was a neat feature! But on the was West, at the hill by Raft River (Climbing up from the Snake River) it dropped a lot of gears. I want to say it dropped to 3rd but it might have been 4th. Either way, it sure was an eye opener after driving a diesel pickup all these years! Kind of made you think that you wouldn't want to put even a smaller RV or much weight back behind this one.... Being an F250, I was surprised to see the 10,000 LB Gross (This is the same as my Meg; a 3500).

Overall, a great truck! Very solid on the road and so very quiet!! I didn't drive it but it seemed to handle very nicely! If it had some power (And torque!) it would have been perfect!!! In it's defense, all the above was at 80. I think he said it went up to 14 if you slowed down to 70..... But, this is great: A truck that my Meg can beat in all areas (except for all those gadgets and features)! I'll try to get a pic up of the 'step'; that was pretty ingenious!

Oh, FORD: Change the programming on your Nav system! (It would not allow an address to be entered unless the truck was in Park. Kind of annoying because you know us guys are not going to 'stop' for directions..... I don't buy the 'distraction to the driver' argument; because it lets you do or enter other things into the system while cruising down the road (It has a large touch screen!). If that is their argument then they better disable everything else while in motion.....

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