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Ubuntu Linux, Bluetooth and a LG236C TracFone

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Well here I go again.

Friend Kelly picked up a Bluetooth dongle for his laptop so he could transfer files in and out of his LG G2 phone. Well since that phone happens to be Linux based I was able to get it all flopped around to transfer files over WiFi. So now Kelly had no use for the Bluetooth but I did. So I took off home with it and set it up against my Laptop. The funniest thing yet I know there is a CD driver disk and manual on how to setup for Windows. With Ubuntu Linux plug in the Bluetooth dongle, find the cell phone signal, pair phone to the laptop and Done. Linux didn't require any drivers at all work right away. My LG236C phone hooked up instantly and Ubuntu Linux displayed all my stored files. I can now transfer my photos from my phone to the laptop and now take MP3 music and load it on the phone and not have to pay for ringtones... I'll just make my own.

Now for other Linux users there is a Program called Wammu which allows you to do complete programming of a cellphone. You can download/upload contacts, calendars, alarms, ringtones, videos, etc. Then you have full control from a normal PC interface with full keyboard and mouse. Just another thing Linux is doing... :cool:

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Very nice!! I sure need to research and buy some memory for this thing and get it back on Linux!!! As well as the house machine!

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