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iso a rolling chassis ex cab stick shift cab

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Looking for for a rolling chassis must be ex cab and stick shift cab dont care if the motor is shot or gone must also be a 12v cab 2nd gen got 1500 cash in hand it would be a plus if it had a tranny in it my cell is 208 790 6792 thank u

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Actually, if you can find an auto cab, get it!! It is very easy to cut the hole for the Trans and change out the brake pedal for a clutch and brake pedal (simply bolt in!)

Clutch master also just bolts in!!

My '92 cab and chassis used to be an auto. It was an easy job so don't worry about swapping either direction! Only hang up would be to have the parts! (It is even easy to pull the shifter handle off the column so it's not in the way).

Dodge even put a plug near the clutch master for the safety switch. Auto trucks have a wire that shorts out the two wires in the plug. Dodge did a good job on this to make it easy to swap to a different Trans!

(The steering column is another matter! Not very many years difference will plug into the harness! Kind of like the door wiring back then; it's one piece into the main harness and across to the other door....)

Hope this helps! If you need any info, just ask!

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