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What is this switch for?

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I assumed it was something the first owner had installed, but then I saw a picture somewhere with the same switch, which got me thinking maybe it's stock. I've searched the owner's and factory service manuals, and don't see a reference to it.

Build sheet indicates a "Trailer Tow Group" & "Camper Special Group"

My best guess is it's for RV power, but haven't had time to check.

It's located on the dash under the power outlet.

Any ideas?

I haven't done a sig yet -

2001 Ram 2500

5.9L Cummins HO



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the picture might help

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I've got the same switch on my truck and rewired a second wire up on the stick so I got thumb control. So I can gear down and activate the EB at the flick of my thumb.


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We should move all that over into my truck when you're tired of it...... LOL

Glad you got that figured out and glad it works!! They are awesome!

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Tired of it?!? My kids are already giving me a bad time about driving around with it on (and the stereo off) because of the way it sounds. I half tempted to tow my trailer around for no reason!

Are there cons to using engine braking? I've done some research and see that it opens a valve to relieve compression, and a vacuum pump runs, and a solenoid engages; am I using more fuel or wearing anything out?

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Sorry, I typed a reply and somehow never got it on here......

There is no down side to using the brake (except don't use it above redline on your tach. That might be bad for valves and springs.). You are using some components and they will eventually wear out but the way I look at it: I'm saving the service brakes quit a bit of wear and the solenoid and vacuum pump should last a long time! Besides, the exhaust valve needs to be exercised anyway so it doesn't seize up!

The engine brake you researched uses engine exhaust valves to 'waste' the compression by dumping it just after top dead center of a compression stroke.

Our 'little' Cummins do not have that tech so they use a large valve that closes off the exhaust pipe just after the turbo to create the braking power. Not a big deal except that when you see all those signs saying engine brakes prohibited; just laugh and use your 'exhaust brake' anyway!! The reason there are so many signs anymore is because of the increased noise from an un-muffled engine brake. Our exhaust brakes actually quiet an un-muffled exhaust down a bit!! Plus the signs don't prohibit them!! (I'm just waiting for the day when I am stopped and he tries to give me a ticket!!)

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