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Please Contact Your IDAHO Representatives!

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There is a bill and amendment being considered right now that we should all voice our opinion on. It is just too far reaching and too important not to call about and 'help' them vote the way we want them to:


Please pass this to all you can!!

We need to call or email our state reps:

The bill HB427 supports the right of individuals to live by religious convictions in all manner of life (not being photographer at gay wedding, not cooking pork for reception if you are Jewish, Islamic, 7th Day Adventist, etc.). Call and support a YES vote on the bill and a YES vote on the amendment to the bill. Lynn Luker wrote and proposed both. He is being viciously attacked.

Pete Nielsen is our rep in District 23 (near Twin Falls). You can go to legislature.idaho.gov and find and email him that way (You can also look up other Reps for different areas of our state!) or call him at 832-4382.

And Also Richard Wills 366-7408 (our other District 23 Rep.)

Save the contacts (website) for the Reps. There is another bill up to contact them about! I'll send it........

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