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  1. Wheel bearing failure...

    I got to publicly say "Thank you" to @MUDDY and @Muddys_Viagra for bailing me out. I got down to Boise to drop MoparMom off at dialysis and went and ate breakfast. After breakfast, I want to go to Downtown Boise to pick up my girlfriend's grill guard for her Land Rover. So I hopped on the I184 and started head that way. Didn't take long and the vehicle started darting back in forth in the lanes. I slowed down and got off the freeway to look it over nothing appeared out of sorts. So I took city streets to the shop to get the grill guard. I started to hear the growling and grinding noise starting. The darting got worse. So I took care of the grill guard and asked for a floor jack. Sure enough the passenger side I assumed that failed was still good. The driver side was rather floppy. Muddy got MoparMom and Diesel back over to RV at his place. Then we went to get a trailer at Harold's to hopefully trailer it back to Harold's place. Needless to say that Harold's till deck doesn't work too good without ramps. It would flatten out before the last axle made it on the deck. We abandon the idea and got back home about 11pm that night. Next morning I unloaded Muddy's trailer of all his mill ends. Then we proceeded to go load my truck up. Hauled for Harold's and got it fixed up. I know Muddy go a video of me shaking the tire. So I replaced the on bearing and picked up a second bearing for the other side. I'll be installing today.