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Found 18 results

  1. I don't know if we missed this or not. This was back in 2013 that they built engine number 2,000,000 for Dodge Ram PickUps. It is a video that follows the engine through it's assembly. I think it is pretty cool to watch! Cummins Builds Ram Engine # 2 Million
  2. The date and location has been set for the ITD website photo and October dinner meet/BBQ. Bring a dish, your favorite beverages, and possibly a chair or two. The photo will take place first and then we will be following @MUDDY to a luxurious BBQ site. The location of the photo shoot will be NW of Parma just past 43°49'18.48"N, 117° 0'44.82"W https://www.google.com/maps Fort Boise WMA - Idaho Fish and Game - Conservation Department 20847 Old Fort Boise Rd Parma, ID 83660 at the end of the road near the river. We will try to get our fearless leader @MUDDY to arrive a little early and post a couple plates or signs at the end of the road with directions to the exact location. We are looking to get the photo shoot done in a minimal amount of time so please try to arrive at 10:00 am.
  3. 7.3 engine, complete with turbo, fuel system and flywheel. ready to put in and drive. new IPR valve, ICP sensor, Adrenaline HPOP melling m208 low pressure oil pump and more. Newer garrett turbo as well. $2000 obo. call or text 208-272-1979 or 208-989-2996 or email rjmorris4386@gmail.com
  4. jhornsby3

    Turbo Specs

    For those that are thinking of updateing the turbo on their GM6.x motor. Gm-8 Compressor Inducer: 53mm Exducer: 75mm Trim: 50 blades: 6 A/R: Turbine Inducer: 62mm Exducer: 52mm blades: 12 A/R: About 0.56, which is around 9cm^2 cross section area housing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hx35 Compressor Inducer: 54mm Exducer: 83mm Trim: 42 blades: 8 or 7 depending on year A/R: 0.55 Turbine Inducer: 70mm Exducer: 60mm blades: 12 A/R: Holset uses Area, not A/R, compared to Garret. Stock is 12cm^2, which if you convert to inches and divide by the Radius, you would get around 0.63 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hx40wII (CKO) Compressor Inducer: 57mm Exducer: 75mm Trim: 57 blades: 8 A/R: Can also get lower 52 trim wheel with 60mm inducer and 83mm exducer Turbine Inducer: 76mm Exducer: 64mm blades: 10 or 12 A/R: 14cm^2 cross section area housing, about 0.73 A/R --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hx40II (CKO) Compressor Inducer: 60mm Exducer: 83mm Trim: 52 blades: 8 A/R: Can also get higher 57 trim wheel with 57mm inducer and 75mm exducer Turbine Inducer: 76mm Exducer: 64mm blades: 12 A/R: 16cm^2 cross section area housing, about 0.83A/R Other wheel option is 10-blade 85mm inducer, 75mm exducer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schwitzer S2EGL069 (S2E, 103-2085) Caterpillar 3116 170,185 HP, Various applications (Bus, Semi, GMC TopKick) Compressor Inducer: 57.5mm Exducer: 76.2mm 57 trim 12 blades 0.60A/R 4" mouth, 2" outlet Turbine Inducer: 69.75mm Exducer: 60.5mm 10 blades 0.70A/R T3 flange w/split ports, 4" v-band outlet ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holset HE351Ve- 2007.5+ Dodge 6.7L Cummins Compressor Inducer: 60mm Exducer: 86mm 14 blades Turbine Inducer: 70mm Exducer: 60mm 12 blades A/R___ (I think its 0.4-1.0)
  5. CustomAutoLLC

    Custom Auto Diesel performance

    CADP is proud to become a sponsor of this great group of Diesel enthusiasts. Don't hesitate to ask us anything diesel power!
  6. jhornsby3

    6.2/6.5 Mil-repair Manual

    This is the complete repair and tech manual for the US government. Mil Repair Manual 6.5L.pdf
  7. broncman

    New 2011 6.7 Vids & pics!!

    http://www.thefordstory.com/our-plan-progress/world-debut-of-the-2011-ford-super-duty/ http://www.fordvehicles.com/trucks/superduty/2011/gallery/photos/ I think (hope) ford hit a home run with this one. We'll see when its released.
  8. IDPisan

    6.4 information

    They call it the 6.4 bible. Don't know that if it is all that, but lots of good reading. http://www.backglass.org/duncan/ps64_manual/
  9. IdahoRob

    08 6.4 tuners?

    I've got a friend that has a 2008 F450 6.4. He's looking to get the 80mph speed limiter removed and maybe a tow tune. I'm clueless when it comes to ford tuners. Any help/info/suggestions? Thanks, Rob
  10. YMMOT

    Dyno from a 6.4

    Here is a dyno from a 6.4 with a Spartan Diesel Tune in it Click to enlarge This truck is bombed as follows: 2008 F250 6.4L DPF/CAT Delete SCT 1.26 Spartan 275HP tune Dual Magnaflows Banks Intake 285/65 R20 BFG All Terrains What is amazing is not so much the peak HP #, but the fact that is over 500HP from just past 2200RPMs all the way to 3100 RPMs
  11. http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?ct=u&car_id=240262030&dealer_id=576886&car_year=2008&num_records=100&systime=&start_year=1981&keywordsfyc=&keywordsfyc=&keywordsrep=&keywordsrep=&engine=&certified=&body_code=0&fuel=Diesel&only_price=1&search_type=used&distance=200&marketZipError=false&search_lang=en&first_record=1&make=&keywords_display=&color=&page_location=findacar%3A%3Aispsearchform&min_price=&drive=&default_sort=priceDESC&max_mileage=30000&style_flag=1&sort_type=priceDESC&address=20176&advanced=y&only_photo=1&end_year=2009&pager.offset=0&doors=&transmission=&max_price=25000&cardist=55&rdpage=thumb
  12. Dangle

    6.4 Gaining ground fast!!!!

    http://www.dieselplace.com/forum/showthread.php?t=221368 WOW!!!!!
  13. Tinman875

    Ford TEST

    Hey guys thought you might like this. http://video.aol.com/video-detail/ford-f450-diesel-150000-mile-tow-test/2436169426 By the way how do you enter it as an html, I couldn't make it work.
  14. PowerLabs

    just dynoed a stock 6.4

    well today on the dyno we tested a 6.4 ford bone stock except for wheels and tires. 284whp and 492tw not bad and it didnt blow up
  15. starter_kit

    Flame thrower

    Ford announced today that they are recalling all 34,000ish 2008 Super Dutys with the 6.4, because of a fuel leak that causes fuel to ignite in one of the after treatment something or others, resulting in a flame coming out of the tail pipe! Supposedly it only happens when the vehicle is performing its regeneration stuff in the cat or where ever it happens. So far there are three confirmed cases of this happening.
  16. YMMOT

    6.4 Burnout

    Click here to see Video Pretty quiet and seems like the tires start to spin as soon as he starts into the throttle. Looks like almost no turbo lag
  17. YMMOT

    6.4 vs the competition

    15% grade towing 10,000lbs 6.4 Vs Duramax 6.4 vs 5.9 Cummins Cummins gets a 5 second head start. Several photos of the new 2008 Superduty
  18. MT765

    The 2008's

    Anybody seen one at a dealer yet? Do you think you will be able to drive these new diesels through a stubble field without starting a fire? I highly doubt it. I wish I could hear one, but nobody has a sound clip yet! :cry: What do you guys think of the new 08's???