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Found 4 results

  1. ITD Dinner Meet, Wednesday July 18th, Nampa Sino Buffet. TAKE NOTE, NEW LOCATION As always, good people and a good time and a good meal. SINO has a great salad bar. BUFFET! And a good Sushi Bar if you are into that type of thing. Sino also has American food on the Buffet. And good Desert. ITD'ers start to meet at 6 PM in the lot and move inside 6:45 ish or so. ITD is a family friendly club. wives and kids are encouraged to attend. The Idaho Turbo Diesels' club has been meeting since 2002 in the Treasure Valley and around the state, and has acumulated many great members. We have some upcoming events in the works. We have a DYNO DAY on the callender coming up soon in fact. Saturday August 4th for the DYNO DAY. BOMB/WRENCH events also. A public service and camp event. Several camp trips are on the agenda. shooting events and atv rides as well as a 4WD trip. And as usual upcoming dinner meets will be scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The Idaho Turbo Diesels' club has a full callender. Read all the details in the proper Idaho Turbo Diesels forum threads at www.idahoturbodiesels.com . Check out all the fun the club has been having and most important check out upcoming events. we average between 25 to 33 attendees at these events. and all who attend are really great people. looking forward to mays event and expecting to have a great time as well
  2. TUNED_6.4

    My trucks dyno and ET

    Dyno'd a while ago...MMS dyno in aug 2010, when I still had the box sct tunes in it, but it made 471 horse and 841 tq if i remember correctly with the 165 tune. Anyways, haven't dyno'd it with the new 210 tune from KEM. But it is much smokier and it's alot more fun:rockin: Yet gained MPG with it as well . We will see how it goes on the next dyno event goes. Fastest ET i did was 14.28, with a 1.8 60 ft, but this friday we will see how she runs with the new tune
  3. YMMOT

    Dyno from a 6.4

    Here is a dyno from a 6.4 with a Spartan Diesel Tune in it Click to enlarge This truck is bombed as follows: 2008 F250 6.4L DPF/CAT Delete SCT 1.26 Spartan 275HP tune Dual Magnaflows Banks Intake 285/65 R20 BFG All Terrains What is amazing is not so much the peak HP #, but the fact that is over 500HP from just past 2200RPMs all the way to 3100 RPMs
  4. PowerLabs

    just dynoed a stock 6.4

    well today on the dyno we tested a 6.4 ford bone stock except for wheels and tires. 284whp and 492tw not bad and it didnt blow up