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Found 10 results

  1. A friend pointed this sale out to me, and I wanted to share it with your all! Go to: express.google.com And in the search enter: Delo ELC. The first one that comes up should be the concentrate at $13.97 / gal. from Walmart. Log into google express (your Google log in) and then you can use the coupon: SUMMERFUN For an additional 20% off you order (Max. refund is $20, so on this you can order 7 gal and it about maxes out the extra discount. Shipping is free to boot! This runs to July 2nd (I believe......?). Enjoy!
  2. I don't know if we missed this or not. This was back in 2013 that they built engine number 2,000,000 for Dodge Ram PickUps. It is a video that follows the engine through it's assembly. I think it is pretty cool to watch! Cummins Builds Ram Engine # 2 Million
  3. Cummins 2.8L Crate Engines I can't believe you guys haven't told me about these! I can see these going into lots of projects.......
  4. Soon to be 15 years as a club. Idaho Turbo Diesels has been going strong since early 2002. Wrench party events. aka bomb parties. dyno days. camp trips and off road adventures. 4wd and utv and atv. shooting events. in addition we just had an anniversary for our website. December 6th of 2016 marks our 10 year anniversary of our website, www.idahoturbodiesels.com which went on the air dec 6 2006. register and log on to be able to view all of the forum! our first wrench party event was in june of 2002 in Nampa Idaho. soon to be 15 years since the club was organized. our organization is for all diesel owners or for all interested in diesels. we have dodge cummins , chevy duramax, and ford powerstroke along with import diesels and other interesting conversions. we even have non diesel owners participate in our events, shooting and off road and camping. an enjoyable 15 years with the Idaho turbo diesels club. thank you to all who make it happen!
  5. 1nasty7point3

    DiabloSport Trinity t-1000 for sale

    Received in trade and need injectors for my 7.3 asap. If interested PM me or call/text Ryan at 208-989-2996. Weould trade for AutoEnginuity Computer with ford module for power stroke and $100 cash or sell for $450. Not one cheaper not even ebay. Check out their website for compatibility. Works with many different vehicles and runs codes on any obdII/1996 or newer vehicle.
  6. They ARE Now available. Many have been waiting for the best possible injectors for their 6.7 Cummins. These Injectors have been in testing for a while in the U.S. and a lot longer in Europe with awesome results just like the 5.9 BBi Injectors. BBI ( Big Bang Injection ) proudly presents our new series 6.7 Injectors Originaly, these injectors have a flow rate of 66l/h @ a pressure of 100bar. Stage1.5 nozzle flow rate of 96l/h/100bar ----> 45% increase compared to stock. These injectors will give you up to 900 rwhp. It can be called a "race" injector but is usable in a work truck with NO disatvantages. You are getting a Superior working injector that is even better in all ratings than the originals. To reach the 900hp range a dual cp3 system is a must. Stage 3. nozzle flow rate of 120l/h/100bar ----> 82% increase compared to stock The U L T I M A T E 6.7 injector, it depends on your configuration how much power you are getting. 1000hp and above is what you can expect, a dual cp3 system and twins are a must. We are very proud of this outstanding new product. Those running BBi Injectors in their trucks are too. Our BBi Distributor is http://sourceautomotive.biz/ You can post here or PM for inquiries. Ordering starts at 8 am Pacific time on Monday, February 4th.
  7. i have got a 76 f250 4x4 with 1993 12v and spicer 3053a five speed and a dana 44HD that apparently cannot hold the weight of the iron. i put new spicer ball joints in last year and the lower joints are now worn out. i would like to buy a 78 79 f350 king pin dana 60 with 31.5" spring centers that would be ideal because no fab or modification needed due to the 31.5"spring center but folks are real proud of that item and want ungodly amounts of money. the other option would be to buy a 86 to 93 f350 front axle with 36.5"spring center and have it narrowed to fit. if yall know of any one that has parts of or knows of anybody that could do these services i would much apprecieate the input. also any other suggestion on what could be done to fix my little issue would be outstanding
  8. I have a friend (As hard as that is to believe: It's true.......) who has a '99 24V. He ran it for a few years after he bought it and then the crank position sensor went bad. He had it replaced and since then it has failed about yearly. He was asking me what would cause that. Other than defective parts, I didn't have any ideas..... Do any of you have any ideas of what else might cause this?
  9. millco

    '93 W-250 12V with only 31,k

    This looks to be a little nicer than my '92..... And it is just over in Ashland, OR. Hopefully you all can see this link: It ended, but I could still open it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/?cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649&item=320950353156&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT So, I guess you can still buy a 'new' 1993.......
  10. Dodgeman01

    Torque Specs

    I am trying to find out the Head bolt torque specs for my '01 24V. Is there anyone out there that can tell me what it should be? Thanks in advance, Brad.