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Found 3 results

  1. I am in need of all the 'consumable' parts in the engine compartment of a '93 Dodge Cummins! Pretty neat old truck, but previous owner left the block heater plugged in for months..... I suspect that is what caused it to burn. But he also had been spending money at the dealer for them to fix a headlight issue...... So. It's hard to say what casued this. So far, all I've found is a core support. Drivers fender is fine.
  2. millco

    3rd Gen Air Bag Recall

    Did everyone get the recall notice for the driver's side air bag on their 2004 to 2009 Ram Pickup? It says it affects all models (1500, 2500 and 3500) for those years. This notice says you can look them up at: recalls.mopar.com This notice is: R25 / NHTSA 15V-313 From what I can tell: These air bag recalls are affecting about every vehicle out there (I recently heard about Rolls Royce' being recalled for their air bags as well.......) Except for the local Lithia screwing up the appointment and then not communicating what was going on (It wound up taking hours and she waited on them...... She is not impressed with incompetence any more than I am!!) it got done and so far the new air bag hasn't killed anyone. They also replaced a front tie rod under recall..... I hadn't heard about that one so that was a surprise! Anyway, I say go get it done!! The defective air bags can kill you when they go off. Basically the metal can that holds the explosive will shrapnel and cut your juggler vein and you bleed out..... Not a happy road trip for sure when it comes to that!
  3. millco

    Filter Look Up Tools!!

    If you are ever searching for a filter, here are a couple of handy tools!! Wix makes great filters! Their site has come a long way and is very helpful in several ways: Wix Vehicle Filter Look Up - Shows just about every filter on a rig! Wix Home Page Filter Search - Type in any Filter Number for a Wix Cross Reference! - What I like about this is if you then click on the number it shows, a popup will show all the specs for that filter. Very handy when you are trying to find a different sized filter. And if you are trying to find the number for any brand of filter from just about any brand that you currently have the number of: Oil Filter Cross Reference These tools should get you on your way to finding the correct or better filter for whatever you are working on!!!