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Found 3 results

  1. I am wanting to upgrade my injectors/ tips. I am thinking of just doing the tips now and go with 60 or 90 horse tip. Which would be better? My CP3 is stock and injectors are stock and turbo is stock. In the feature I want twins.
  2. Just to let everyone know, Source Automotive is the only dealer for BBI injectors at this time. BBI is giving a great discount for a very limited time. Click on the link for discounts! http://sourceautomotive.biz/injectors-2.aspx Now is your chance to have a set of the coveted Big Bang Injection injectors of your choice for a very reasonable price. Questions, or to purchase? Call us at Source Automotive. http://sourceautomotive.biz/contact-us.aspx To receive this discount Please call us on our land line! And for any of you who have already purchased BBI Injectors you too are eligible for this same great discount, after the fact. Also feel free to post here with questions in addition to catching us on our West of the Rockies line. Corey
  3. They ARE Now available. Many have been waiting for the best possible injectors for their 6.7 Cummins. These Injectors have been in testing for a while in the U.S. and a lot longer in Europe with awesome results just like the 5.9 BBi Injectors. BBI ( Big Bang Injection ) proudly presents our new series 6.7 Injectors Originaly, these injectors have a flow rate of 66l/h @ a pressure of 100bar. Stage1.5 nozzle flow rate of 96l/h/100bar ----> 45% increase compared to stock. These injectors will give you up to 900 rwhp. It can be called a "race" injector but is usable in a work truck with NO disatvantages. You are getting a Superior working injector that is even better in all ratings than the originals. To reach the 900hp range a dual cp3 system is a must. Stage 3. nozzle flow rate of 120l/h/100bar ----> 82% increase compared to stock The U L T I M A T E 6.7 injector, it depends on your configuration how much power you are getting. 1000hp and above is what you can expect, a dual cp3 system and twins are a must. We are very proud of this outstanding new product. Those running BBi Injectors in their trucks are too. Our BBi Distributor is http://sourceautomotive.biz/ You can post here or PM for inquiries. Ordering starts at 8 am Pacific time on Monday, February 4th.