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  1. Bumper mount fix...

    The two round holes instead of the stupid slotted ones will be nice. I need to do the same mod two mine, last thing I hit the slots let my bumper roll back far enough that the bull bars knocked out my marker light. Then I had to loosen all 4 bolts to pull the bumper back into possition so I could get the hood open. Foz
  2. methanol ??

    ok just got the bad news it went up to $6.27 a gallon at the lowest and goes up from there. Foz
  3. methanol ??

    Where are you guys getting your methanol and what are you paying per gallon? I can get it for around $5 a gallon here just hoping to find it cheaper. Thanks Foz
  4. Possible Veg oil Source

    Jeez Steve if you had a bio setup what would you use as excuse not to road trip north then?? jk
  5. Stevo is the man for Dodge....

    Glad to help, it needed the dust knocked off it. No issues with it I hope.
  6. Dyno Day Results!!!!!!!!

    Hey Stevo hows that old saying go?? It only cost a little more to go first class! Looks like alot of fun was had, I would've liked to show up but I had to work and I'm low on fun tickets. Foz
  7. Hey Muddy I could use a set of keys myself. Thanks in advance. Foz
  8. Axle Lube

    I guess I know what I'm gonna do right after payday. Foz