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    Best shop for new injection pump

    Thanks for all of the info. The guys at Dominator in Poky fixed me up and the truck runs as good as new, has not ran this good in 100,00o miles. They even fixed me up with a few toys and the truck runs like never before. Those guys do great work fast and the prices were great. Carver
  2. carver

    Best shop for new injection pump

    Thanks for the help so far. I have 130,000 miles on the original injection pump and I replaced the original lift pump less than 30,000 miles ago so I guess I should be happy. I was looking online and Dominator Diesel Performance has a replacement for about a grand and a HotRodd VP44 for about $1700 that increasease horsepower and torque. Do these prices sound about right?? I was wondering if I would be better off with the HotRod VP44 or the standard replacement and a chip??
  3. I'm new to the area and am in need of a new injection pump. Where is the best place/shop to take my truck to near the Idaho Falls area? Thanks for your help