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  1. canadiancrawler

    exhaust manifold

    does anybody know anything about the Afe blade runner,if it is any good.I have a broken bolt on mine so I figured if I have to take it apart to get the bolt out I might as well upgrade to a better manifold.Don't know how long it has been like this,noticed it when I upgraded the injectors. Thanks for any info Lee
  2. canadiancrawler

    WANTED15x8 8 lug wheels

    not really a tough find i have had a set siting in my yard for almost 7 years.I see he has already found some,to bad i live so far away.. Lee
  3. canadiancrawler

    Ka Boom!!!

    Thanks for the info Bob,it was a luk clutch that was in it.I had a complete system in the garage so i put it in.I just have to get the tranny back in.waiting for a buddy that isn;t messed up(getting slim these days)old age is a B#%@H,and being broken doesn't help either. Lee
  4. canadiancrawler

    Ka Boom!!!

    Well after a year of not being able to work on it,i was finally able to get the tranny out and found out that it wasn't the tranny,The centre hub of the clutch exploded,luckily i have a complete clutch,pressure plate and flywheel in the garage,so as soon as i can fine someone with a strong back to help me get the flywheel out ,we can put it back together.My friend that helps me rolled his quad last weekend and it landed on him,but luckily no broken bones just bruised ribs.We always wear full protection when riding so that helpped alot. Lee
  5. canadiancrawler

    94 to 02 grill

    If you weren't so far away i would take it.Mine is cracked. Thanks Lee
  6. canadiancrawler


    Thanks for all the ihfo guys,trucks been running fine we bought a stock serpentine belt,so pump doesn't work at all now,so no annoying noise.we are in Cascade tonight and heading north to home Thanks again for all the info and if we find something between here and home great,but once home i will keep checking online for one. Lee
  7. canadiancrawler


    Thanks for all the info.The truck isn't hurting,just nice if we could get it fix as he is towing,plus it is more then likely cheaper down here then it would be at home.We will see what happens in the morning we will be heading towards Boise,but don't know for sure what time. Thanks all lee
  8. canadiancrawler


    We are in Arco right now and my brothers 03 air pump for his exhaust has pack it in.Does anyone have one or know where we might be able to get one for a decent price?We are heading to Craters of the moon tomorrow and then following 20 which looks like it comes out at Mountain Home.So if any info please leave message here and i will check back in a while. Thank-you Lee
  9. canadiancrawler

    going camping

    Didn't want to take the chain saw with us and i am on holidays don't really feel like cutting and chopping wood either.LOL! Thanks for the info though.
  10. canadiancrawler

    going camping

    Thank-you,but we would like to get the wood before we get to yellowstone.
  11. canadiancrawler

    going camping

    Heading out for a 2 week trip down to yellowstone and beyond.Was wondering if anyone in the northern part of Idaho and down through Montana might know where we could pick up some firewood as we can't bring it across the border with us.Don't need much but don't feel like paying the price that the parks want for the little amount that they give you.We are leaving home here on the 4th of July and will be north of spokane(priest river) on the 7th and in silverwood on the 8th,then heading to yellowstone on the 9th.Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you Lee
  12. canadiancrawler


    Yeah,you probably could,But it aint for sale.
  13. canadiancrawler


    Thanks for the info. I never had it balanced when i put it on the turbo and has been running fine for the whole time i have had it on the trucks for several years.But yes i am moving it from one turbo to another this time. Thanks Lee
  14. canadiancrawler


    trying to pinwheel off my of my H1c,how to you hold it to undo nut? Any up appreciated. Thank-you Lee
  15. canadiancrawler


    What do you think of fireball 65hp injectors?Have a lie on a set close to me.. Thanks Lee