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    HI,Its been awhile since i have been on this forum,but i am looking for some consensus on what may be wrong my 95 f-450. My kid was helping someone move a trailer and got it stuck and ended up over heating it,which did not help the trany and my pocket book with a large tow bill. So when he got it we checked it out as best we could the only thing it will do when we try to put it in our shop is it will barely move. I am inclined to think it maybe the torque converter is slipping as this appears to be a common problem with these transmissions,have not put a pressure gauge on it yet and if we did it may tell us more,but where would we hook up the gauge to get good reading from. I maybe hopping for a little good luck that it is only the torque converter,but the rest of the trany may not be to damaged any input would be appreciated,thanks
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