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  1. pfc.hays

    Engine knock

    I would see if you could go to a single exhaust
  2. pfc.hays

    I'm back!

    Hi Kris I moving to Idaho to and can't wait to meet you and everyone else
  3. pfc.hays

    Fire wood

    I was wondering if anyone uses firewood to there house and what kind of trees they use
  4. pfc.hays

    looking to move back to idaho

    Awesome thank you for your help with everything I hope I can help the group out any way I can
  5. pfc.hays

    lookin to trade

    i am lookin for any one wanting to trade 48re rebuilt and components for a nv5600 manual tranny with all components it will be comin out of an 05 ram 2500 the 48re tranny was rebuilt at 130,000 miles it curetly has zero miles since rebuild the rebuild kit an vb are from ats transmission here oregon
  6. pfc.hays

    lookin to trade

    the 48re has ats vb and ats rebuild kit i will also throw in the stock vb as well