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  1. RedRam

    What to DO?

    Your tach problem may be a bad crank sensor.
  2. RedRam

    I think I finally fixed my problem

    Well after I change the Wheel Speed Sensor in the top of the diff I still had my lights on so I had to take it to the dealership to have them find out what was wrong. They said that the ABS module is VIN locked to which every ECM came on the truck originally. So I called up and got the ABS module for that ECM; I finally got it here the other day and put it on and now everything is how it should be with no lights, no codes and one completely converted truck. Andrew
  3. RedRam

    Clutch ??????

    for someone that has exprience with heavy clutchs it may not be a problem but for someone that may not have that experience it will be like night and day between a stock clutch and an FE. so it may be just fine for some people be for others it will be a bad choice to make so maybe decide what hp you are going to be at and then decide on a clutch. just my two cent with my experiences. andrew
  4. RedRam

    Clutch ??????

    If you are planning on keeping it under 450hp then South Bends Con OFE is a great choice. I have a Con FE and I think it would be a nightmare for backing up since it is really jerky and there is no feathering that clutch at all, it is either engaged or disengaged. Hope this helps, Andrew.
  5. I was having a problem with my truck were it wouldnt rev passed 2000 rpm. Well I fixed that problem by changing out the auto pcm for a 2002 HO pcm but I still didnt have any cruise control. So I finally found a place that would sell me the ecm and pcm off of the same truck; I put them in last Thrusday and everything works great but (and there is always a "but") I have my ABS and brake lights stay on. I am going to check my speed sensor and hopefully that fixes it. Just thought I would share the success. Andrew
  6. RedRam

    Tranny Shop....

    I may also suggest Bakers Diesel in Ogden, they are a DTT distributor and do top notch work. I have had them do some work to my truck but not relating to the tranny. Moonlight is also a good place to shop I have heard a lot of good feedback from both places. Either way you cant go wrong.
  7. RedRam

    Turbo ordered

    How do you like that turbo and is there more lag than with the stock turbo? I just installed my II PS62 and hate it except for on the freeway, I cant build any boost until I have the rpms up there. On the freeway it does great and I have noticed some increase in fuel economy. The reason for asking is that we have close to the same setup on HP and what to see how you like it? Thanks for the info and nice going on the turbo.
  8. I should be there unless I have to work late, but I plan on it and I will let Kelly know so he can tell his brother.
  9. RedRam

    Code P0720 with weird problem

    I think that you will have the default when you try that. As far as trying to fiddle with the wiring I am done since I have had a few close calls with frying all of my electrical. But if it does work please tell. Andrew
  10. RedRam

    Code P0720 with weird problem

    I will let you know if that fixes it since I am planning on getting them here in the next two weeks after I get payed. I would send mine out but I figure since I have two complete sets of computers I could sell them and make a little on them. Also let me know if you get your up and running with the reprogram. Andrew.
  11. RedRam

    Code P0720 with weird problem

    No I have not got my truck fixed yet but I am almost positive that I have found a solution to the problem. I have found that the auto PCM is having a fit not getting any info from the tranny, so I had a spare PCM that is from a 2002 with a 6-spd, I put that on and everything works except the cruise control. I believe that the reason that the cruise control is not working is 1. I have two different computers in the truck and 2. I think that the ECM on a manual controls the cruise and not the PCM with an auto. So to fix the problem I feel that replacing both the ECM and PCM with one from a manual that fits your trucks details, such as year, (wheather it is an 2001 or a 2001.5 it makes a difference) trans, emission, etc. I have done some research online and found a place in No. Carolina (I think) that has the best prices on a set of computers, here is the info I found, S&T Enterprise phone number is 704-210-8636 or 704-210-8153. They are open from 9am-7pm Eastern time and ask for Shane, he quoted me $620 with shipping and a 90 day warranty with them. You may want to also do a search and see if you can come up with anything there may bo a better deal out there. Hope this helps and if you have any other question feel free to ask, Andrew.
  12. RedRam

    Timing box question

    Unplugging the map sensor will send the signal of, "No Boost More Fuel." I feel it will hurt your fuel mileage more by doing that. If you want just have the injection pump wire disconnected and it will be just like an Edge EZ but will just do fueling. If you are looking to stack boxes you could do a TST PM3 with the comp in the EZ mode. Hope this helps, Andrew.
  13. RedRam


    EGR makes a rear disc brake conversion kit but I have heard that it is not the best to use, I believe that they have the rotor from a ford and the caliper off from an older 70's caddy. If you are serious about changing to disc brakes I would buy a whole axle from a 2001.5-2002 with the brakes already on them and then see about getting the proportioning valve for it at the same time. I have a 2001 with drum brakes and I can barely notice a difference in mine compared to my dad's which has disc brakes.
  14. RedRam

    Code P0720 with weird problem

    Thanks for the info, I just had a gentlemen on TDR that said his salvage yard does computer interchages, so I will see if he will take the spare ones that I have for the ones that I need and if so everything should be great. I will also check on here for the other salvage yard but I might have checked with them already. Also I will check with Holst tomorrow if they are open and see what they have to say. Once again thanks, Andrew.
  15. RedRam

    Code P0720 with weird problem

    For those that were at the dinner meeting knoew that my truck was not running right. So I decided to do some testing with the other Pcm that I have, and wouldn't you know it, it runs perfect but there are still some other problems that I will address like the cruise light stays on all of the time but on the other hand I only have 1 fault code and it is 1693. So my next plan of action is to try and get both a Ecm and Pcm for my truck and I think it will fix all of the problems. Also does anybody know of some good salvage yards around here or does anybody have a 2001 5spd with drums that would let me have the part number off of there Ecm and I could get one from around here. Thanks Andrew.