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  1. BigOne

    Tranny Temps

    I got my tranny temp gauge installed a bit ago, and I did some towing recently. I was just wondering what would be the "safe max temp" would be? Thanks.
  2. BigOne


    Ok, thanks. That mean she's tired
  3. BigOne


    I did a compression test on my old 7.3 NA today. I could only get at 6 of the cylinders, fuel lines making it hard. Anyway, I was shooting 220-280psi. I think I could of gotten more pressure out of the 220psi cylinder if I cranked it a bit more. It seams good to me. Just wanted you guys opinion. Also thinking of putting a turbo on this motor, what do you think. Don't want to rebuild the motor for a turbo. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, I have two questions for anyone. I'm looking into getting a set of new shocks, my first choice is Rancho. But I've been seeing a lot of trucks driving around with Skyjacker, Superlift, and Pro-Comp shocks. They are a bit less money, but I don't want to do it again in 6 months. And I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of those brands, or any other brands that you would suggest. Oh, I also have a 4 inch lift on my truck. Thanks. And my other question is, I getting a squeaking noise coming from my rear end when I go around corners. I did my brakes about two to three months ago. The noise started about a month after the brake job. The brakes work fine, the install went fine. After a about a week of noise I changed the rear diff fluid and put synthetic oil in. I also changed all three seals with the oil change in the rear end, I checked the rear wheel bearings. Nothing bad about them. I am out of ideas on where to go from here. Thanks for any help.
  5. BigOne


    As far as I know. I asked around, and what I found out is that 460 exhaust flange is the same shape and size as the 7.3. Thanks for you guys thoughts on my temperatures.
  6. BigOne


    Well, I got it installed. Wiring was a real pain. My pyro works but my tranny temp doesn't, it worked before I put the pod in. I'll tear it apart tomorrow. But my question is what are normal temps for a 7.3NA? It has a stock fuel system. The only changes I have are lifted with 33's, a 4" no cat exhaust, and the owner before me put some 460 headers on it. I will cruise at about 70mph its at 900deg(only able to drive down a flat patch of highway for a few miles). Sitting at a light it will be around 250-300deg. I'm new to diesel and this is my first. Never been around pryo so just curious. My town is at 7,200ft, so I understand its pretty starved on air. But it does seen high. Thanks for all you help guys.
  7. BigOne


    I'll try it on the driver's side header. Thanks again for all your help
  8. BigOne


    So I finally ordered a pyrometer, and my question is where should I mount it? I've heard on the Y-pipe, I've heard on the hottest bank. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. BigOne

    Code "G" injectors

    Thanks Hyde. Did not know that. Trying to probe everybody I can for info on these engines.
  10. BigOne

    Code "G" injectors

    I have an old 1993 7.3IDI non-turbo. I've heard that putting in code "G" injectors(Turbo model) in place of code "E" injectors(Non-turbo) will give you a bit more power and mabey even a bit better MPG. Anyone's thoughts would be great. Thanks.
  11. BigOne

    New Injectors

    Ok. Thanks. Any idea on the code "G" injector theory?
  12. BigOne

    New Injectors

    I'm looking at putting some new injectors in my old 7.3 non-turbo. And I have a couple of questions. First, I've been told to put code "G" injectors instead of code "E" in even if I don't have a turbo. Is that a good idea? And second, I've also been told to not buy remanufactured injectors and go with brand new ones. What do you guys think? Thanks.
  13. BigOne

    Leafspring Bushings?

    Thanks. He said he didn't like the poly bushings because the make a lot of noise. My guess the guys he has put them in don't grease them enough. They don't flex enough. True. I'm going to run them. I need to replace my front leaf spring bushing. Do after market springs have a different I.D. than stock?
  14. BigOne

    Leafspring Bushings?

    I was at the tire shop today. And I got into an argument with the tire shop guy. He doesn't like putting polyurethane bushings into trucks. And I think otherwise. I keep getting different stories from different people. I just wanted to get your guy's option on the subject. Thanks.
  15. BigOne

    K&N Air Filter

    Has anyone put an K&N air filter on a 7.3IDI? Pros and Cons? How about there oil filter? Thanks.