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    hey yall my is delbert my friends call bert i am a retired vet
  1. ok i need some help as yall kno i have an 05 dodge ram 2500 crewcab 4x4 5.9 cummins and iam trin to find the gear ratio thars no sticker in the glove box or under the hood is thar another spot i can find

  2. i wish i could come i just dont have the funds right now thank u thow i will try to come on the next event
  3. i can understand that they want to clean up the cities but thars got to be a differnt way
  4. k i will try it thank muddy i owe u

  5. i use 2 stroke oil in all of mine. common rail i use a lesser dosage than i do vp44 trucks or 12 valves. in any of them you would be safe at half an ouce per gallon. :ok:

  6. i hope u r havin a happy birthday i am new so iam just trin to get to kno people

  7. hey dose any one know if u can run a 2stroke fuel mix in a cummins 5.9 i am just wonderin i havent done yet just doin research so please let me know thanks


  9. glad you are here :cheer: look fwd to visiting at our many upcoming events :cheer: