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  1. Hey i have a 2003 early s.o cummins i work at a dodge dealrship i no about the manual high idle i no it dose not work on mine seen u make a kit would like to talk more about it if your interested please msg me back thanks. Nate

  2. hbowers

    48re install

    I was installing a 48re in a early 07 .I was almost done. I was putting the bolts in the tc thru access hole and I dropped one in the hole. I thought it would come out the bottom,so I put the rest of them in. well I had to take the tranny out again and remove the flex plate to get that bolt out of there.
  3. hbowers

    Oil Leak ?

    a month or two ago I got a 04 1/2 in my shop for an oil leak up front. I removed the fan &shroud (no easy task) a lot harder than 1st and 2nd gens. it looked to me me like the gear cover itself was leaking, so I removed the cover replaced the seal, re sealed the cover w/gray rtv. put it back together and later found out I had'nt helped the oil leak at all. so I recently got it back and decided the leak was between the gear case and block. so I removed fan,shroud,fan hub,crank pulley, and water pump. I cleaned the area as good as I could w/brake cleaner and air and rags. it looked like about 4 inches of the gasket was missing. so I used gray rtv along the whole area as good as possible. so far no more leak. to fix it right you have to remove radiator and camshaft to remove gear case to replace the gasket. I'll post a couple pictures if I can figure out how.
  4. hbowers

    KDP in a 1st gen

    very interesting. some of those pictures sure looked familar.
  5. hbowers

    changing valve springs??

    the way I DO IT i LOCATE no. 1 tdc. then chang e no 1 spring. then I follow the firing order (153624) next compress no. 5 ex. valve w/your spring compressor,don't remove keepers yet. valve will drop down , then turn engine clockwise w/ barring tool 60 degrees or untill valve raises to max. now you can change that spring and go to no.3 and so on. 60 degrees times 6 is 360 degrees,one complete revolution. hope I did'nt confuse you more than you already were. Harold
  6. Hello Harold, my name is Brandon Chaffee, I'm a new member here. Some of the guys gave me your name to call you about my KDP damage problem? Could you please send me your phone number and best time to call? I was going to take it back (I just bought it) but maybe after talking to you I might not? Thank you Harold!

    Brandon Chaffee Richland, Oregon 541-893-6815 brandx@eagletelephone.com

  7. hbowers

    '06 Rocker Wear Question . . .

    I don't know what caused that wear. ordinarilly that engine will go 1000;000 miles if properly maintained. I used to use delo 4oo 15/40, but now I use amsoil. mainly because I can go longer between changes.
  8. hbowers

    53 block

    I hope I got the pics this time. you can see what the little bottle does to the radiator.
  9. hbowers

    53 block

    here is some pictures of an 01 53 block. also the little black bottle on crankcase vent tube. if your truck still has one take it off and throw it away. extend hose another foot to get it away from radiator.
  10. hbowers

    Truck Problems Looking for a good mechanic

    I answered his PM and gave him my phone number. here it is again 208-850-8749. give me a call and we'll talk about it, Harold
  11. hbowers

    Hi idle

    I use a fast idle solenoid on a prefabed bracket wired to a toggle switch. I can make one for the 24 valve trucks auto or standard trans. email me, I will send info price etc.
  12. hbowers

    1999 KDP Reminder

    an 02. hard to believe,but seeing is believing. they must have meant an updated (revised) gear case instead of updated dowel pin?