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    Work on buses, like MCI,Prevost,Setra,Blue Birds...ETC.....
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    Diesel Mechanic for a livin'
  1. 4x4manonbroke

    Diesel Mechanic looking for work

    Thing is .. I want out of the Heavy Industry... Just getting to the point where I would rather do MED. Duty trucks to light ..
  2. 4x4manonbroke

    Diesel Mechanic looking for work

    I would concider out of state ... What do you have in mind ? Pm me
  3. hey all, I'm a heavy Diesel mechanic , Have been building Engines and such for about 5 years, Looking for a different job in different territory .. Anyone who can lead me to a nice job I would appritiate it
  4. 4x4manonbroke


    Especially since you plan to pull your 5er .. too much timing will make way too much Cyl pressure and can cause high EGT's As I understand it ..
  5. 4x4manonbroke

    ... Hello ?

    as soon as I can I will get my HG done and then I can play .. the diff is first though .. least its drivable with the little leak .. at the moment .. need to fix before it starts freezing .. only running water in block ATM ..
  6. 4x4manonbroke

    hmmm...think it's bad?

    I'm just trying to make it back to work period .. surgery on the shoulder on Friday the 8th .. they claim I could be working in 2 weeks ... ( not with 60 Oxy's at my disposal ... LOL )...
  7. 4x4manonbroke

    ... Hello ?

    Yeah, I'm thinking about 7x10's with a 62/65/14, maybe going down to a 1500 stall tripple disc .. getting a 3.55 diff soon .. that should be fun and clean burning .. 5 hole just a bit smokey and hotter .. SAC's should be clean tow power .. Any thoughts ?
  8. 4x4manonbroke

    hmmm...think it's bad?

    NOOO..... They wouldnt do that to a pete ... LOL.. Dumb ass drivers sometimes, I really dont miss that shot Trevor .. nto even a bit
  9. 4x4manonbroke

    ... Hello ?

    it has its place .. like sled pulling or @ the drags .. not street driving .. my $.02
  10. 4x4manonbroke

    ... Hello ?

    I'm shooting for 400/450 ish ... anything more in this Single can long box ... WAY to Tempting to SMOKE anyone who "Thinks" they have me covered .... LOL and then there's the MPg ... i like my sofar best of 20 ... i can live with it for now .. 18.4 average so far ..
  11. 4x4manonbroke

    ... Hello ?

    Insert cricket sound here ....
  12. 4x4manonbroke


    I was just looking at the pic first time ... almost looks like the cam broke and became in the way of the rod maybe ? Could the rod have broke the cam like that ? seems like it would have take quite a bit to snap a cam like that that clean ...
  13. 4x4manonbroke

    Thank you

    I Agree Trevor, Your truck does shift much better than it did, I too am thinking about going to be looking into a TC and VB as well...
  14. 4x4manonbroke

    86 Chevy crew cab conversion started

    Nice lookin project.. any recent progress ?
  15. 4x4manonbroke


    What is the shape of the 40's wheels ? I would be interested in the 40 possibly ...