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  1. I polished the chrome on my bicycle powered generator my laptop is connected to and now I can post on the BS forum. Or the permissions change corrected done by you can be credited. Thank you! I am no longer pissed off. About that anyway!
  2. I tried to post in the BS section and got this: Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 1F176/3 Contact Us
  3. BS

    Permissions corrected on the BS forum. Thanks! I'm no longer pissed off.
  4. No Chrome. I like everything on my buggy dark black. Update to Chrome? The new modern ways piss me off..........
  5. Happy 420!!! And it is just turned 4:20 PM on this happy April the 20th. Suddenly I'm NOT pissed off anymore. I hope your 4-20-17 is going happy.
  6. Damn, that pisses me off!!!
  7. Damn! I missed this month's dinner meeting. This pisses me off.
  8. Going to get the old gelding up to the barn and hook up the buggy so the Mrs. and I can attend.
  9. The old ones turn me on more. The new ones piss me off. Just like having to make my horse wear a diaper. The govt can piss off!
  10. Welcome! This is the place to be but the government and head nigger wants to take away our way of life. http://www.thedailyherb.com/telling-on-themselves-rural-cleansing-in-north-idaho-and-montana/ If the bitch gets in we are screwed. That would really piss a lot of folks off.
  11. The plan of the government for us in the rural areas of the Redoubt. http://www.thedailyherb.com/telling-on-themselves-rural-cleansing-in-north-idaho-and-montana/ Does that piss you off?
  12. that pisses me off. I used to live in Indiana as well and it was hard on my buggy and made my horse's horse shoes rust.
  13. I can't read the members forum when I am logged off and that is where events are now posted. With google chrome I need to log in with each visit even when I click, "remember me" Keep that in mind as I have the same issue with other forums with new softwares. My favorite buggy website has the same issue.
  14. Did that help Tamara's Burb?
  15. I'm ready to ride.
  16. I like the new place. The old place really pissed me off.
  17. Hi Mike, do you still build these. I am interested in a rear bumper for my buggy.
  18. This truck looks bad assed. Still got? Would you be interested in trading straight across for my buggy and a 13 year old gelding?
  19. Who is attending? https://www.facebook.com/NewApproachIdaho/events And who is pissed off?
  20. And more: http://www.legalize208.org/flyers.html
  21. That, is why I SHUN all that MODERN stuff!!!!!!!!!
  22. I want in.
  23. This pisses me off.