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  1. Error

    I polished the chrome on my bicycle powered generator my laptop is connected to and now I can post on the BS forum. Or the permissions change corrected done by you can be credited. Thank you! I am no longer pissed off. About that anyway!
  2. BS

    Permissions corrected on the BS forum. Thanks! I'm no longer pissed off.
  3. Error

    No Chrome. I like everything on my buggy dark black. Update to Chrome? The new modern ways piss me off..........
  4. Happy

    Happy 420!!! And it is just turned 4:20 PM on this happy April the 20th. Suddenly I'm NOT pissed off anymore. I hope your 4-20-17 is going happy.
  5. Error

    Damn, that pisses me off!!!
  6. Error

    I tried to post in the BS section and got this: Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 1F176/3 Contact Us
  7. Idaho Turbo Diesels Dinner Meet, Wed April 19th

    Damn! I missed this month's dinner meeting. This pisses me off.
  8. tomorrow is the day

    Going to get the old gelding up to the barn and hook up the buggy so the Mrs. and I can attend.
  9. Dodge Ram History video

    The old ones turn me on more. The new ones piss me off. Just like having to make my horse wear a diaper. The govt can piss off!
  10. Hello from the Great Lakes region

    Welcome! This is the place to be but the government and head nigger wants to take away our way of life. http://www.thedailyherb.com/telling-on-themselves-rural-cleansing-in-north-idaho-and-montana/ If the bitch gets in we are screwed. That would really piss a lot of folks off.
  11. The plan of the government for us in the rural areas of the Redoubt. http://www.thedailyherb.com/telling-on-themselves-rural-cleansing-in-north-idaho-and-montana/ Does that piss you off?
  12. Road Salt & Rust in Idaho

    that pisses me off. I used to live in Indiana as well and it was hard on my buggy and made my horse's horse shoes rust.
  13. I can't read the members forum when I am logged off and that is where events are now posted. With google chrome I need to log in with each visit even when I click, "remember me" Keep that in mind as I have the same issue with other forums with new softwares. My favorite buggy website has the same issue.
  14. Tamara, 09 Burb

    Did that help Tamara's Burb?
  15. as requested, outing

    I'm ready to ride.