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  1. Wonton

    What oil

    ElkSlayer, Can we ammend the plan? I was just informed by the boss that we have a prior engagement! Duh... I will be glad to deliver or get it to you some other way. Please let me know what works best for you. Muddy comes almost directly by the place and I could leave it out for him to bring? Then just mail a check. Let me know what works best. chuck
  2. Wonton

    What oil

    I will be glad to bring it tomorrow. See you at dinner.
  3. Wonton

    What oil

    I am using our Metal Protecter (MP) It is a light duty metal to metal lubricant that penetrates, displaces water, lubricates and dries to a non sticky or tacky finish. Works well on locks, hinges, guns, fishihg tackle etc. Any where you have usde WD40 in the past this will do a beter job and not attract dust or become gummy! $5.65 for an 8.75oz spray can. We use it around the place on everything from gate hinges, latches, mower cables and horse clipper blades.
  4. Wonton

    In need

    Thanks for the inquiry. I keep products in stock at my home so we should have anything you need here ready for immediate pickup. We look forward to helping in any way! Chuck
  5. Wonton

    In need

    We have several. The injector/lubricity additive (ADF) comes in single 16oz bottles that treat 80 gals of fuel, cases of 12 bottles or 5 gal pails. Single bottles are $7.70 ea at retail and $5.80 at dealer cost. Case lots are $5.51 ea at cost. The second main additive is the Cetane boost (ACB) to improve fuel quality (cetane number) and are added at one bottle from 80 to 160 gal treat rate, Cost is 8.85 retail and 6.45 cost. We also have anti gel treatments and combination additives for winter use. Dealer cost is the most economical way to purchase these and any other products. The membership with AMSOIL to buy at cost is $20 per year. Get a group of friends and we will set it up so you can all use one number. Thanks for the inquiry and I hope this helped. Chuck
  6. Muddy, Will gladly take care of it. Driving my 1921 Cummins! See you tonight. Chuck
  7. Wonton


    Looking forward to meeting everyone at the dyno days this month. I'm the AMSOIL guy! Muddy is going to try our Cetane boost additive on the dyno so we can see if it helps. I will post the results either way afterwards. I do have a question about my 96 12 valve 3500 dually. I have had two instances, one last fall and again last Sunday where after hitting a good bump in the freeway, the rear end starts jumping baddly and the first time there was smoke from either tires or brakes. I cannot figure out where to start but feel lucky to get it stopped without an accident or killing someone or myself. After stopping, a quick inspection and everything is great. Any ideas? Wonton