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  1. Dog Days 2014!

    http://youtu.be/6zdzDlo9BBg for any of you who missed the event.
  2. Dog Days 2014!

    i thought the turnout as good as well. Everything went smoothly and the crowd was awesome!
  3. Dog Days 2014!

    Very good! Its looking like its going to be a great event!
  4. Twins

    Honestly im not sure.. pulled the cold pipe off one day and noticed it. Hasnt caused any issues though. ran it for the last year like that.
  5. Twins

    i made 620hp at 60 psi. Makes around 70 on the street. that is with my baby 160 pump and stock delivery valves but large injectors.
  6. Twins

    Id like to see $1,400. Comes with everything you need. I posted a for sale ad on here you can check out. and i found some wheels finally.
  7. Twins

  8. Twins

    Entertaining the idea of selling my compound setup off my 94 12v cummins. This is a homemade kit utilizing an hx40 60/68/16 feeding an HT60. Not sure on its specs i believe its a 72mm inducer. The piping is also homemade but would sell with everything to bolt up and run. NO manifold. The HX40 at some point had something chew up the inducer wheel but it does not seem to affect how it runs. just minor knicks. Piping has since been painted and is not nearly as ugly as in the photo. I will entertain offers but im not giving it away. not sure what a good price is for homemade setups. http://s18.photobucket.com/user/dsscrispy14/media/546341_148076671991646_1267961215_n_zps48b6bdd8.jpg.html http://s18.photobucket.com/user/dsscrispy14/media/bdb3ad86.jpg.html http://s18.photobucket.com/user/dsscrispy14/media/8462f80c.jpg.html http://s18.photobucket.com/user/dsscrispy14/media/f7926d35.jpg.html Made 680HP on my 94.
  9. Twins

    if your interested im pulling my twins off my 12v. its an hx40 feeding a ht60.
  10. Dog Days 2014!

    Im very excited to see what this year brings. We just went through a merger with SCT so i can only imagine this year will be the biggest yet. Little bit more change to throw around
  11. Dog Days 2014!

    Pocatello fair grounds.
  12. Dog Days 2014!

    The date is set for July 18th. This year will bring Dyno comp, dirt drags, sled pulls, and the freestyle moto x! set the date!
  13. Bully Dog Dog Days 2013

    The date for dog days 2013 is set for July 18th! Mark your calendars!