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  1. bob ram

    Newbie with a Mitsubishi

    WAY COOL MAN:rockin:
  2. bob ram

    Need Advice - Inverted Y to T Steering Mod

    If you think about it the front of the truck with a cummins the weight of the engine is why the front wears out so fast I had a 96 dodge with a 318 I had 217000 mile on it before I had to rebuild the front end.
  3. bob ram

    Need Advice - Inverted Y to T Steering Mod

    At 125000 I had to go through my front end how many miles do you have. I had to replace the track bar and ball joints and one tie rod end.
  4. No I didn.t go to applebees I was helping my daughter by a car and we didn't get done in time. Family you can't live with them and you can't live without them. They get in the way of your fun sometime.
  5. Hi guys been gone for some time now I see a lot of new faces that’s cool. I’ll be there.
  6. this is what happin to your truck when a 16 year old drives it, only a girl has the talent to stick a tree though the bed there is 12" poking in the bed (I had a tape not what my wife thinks 12" is).
  7. well in my house it's two teen boys 0 two teen girls 12 parents none! The last one was two days ago.
  8. You should be. Just remember two thing with that boast. 1. Women never forget. 2. Women never forget.
  9. bob ram

    Got a delivery......

    that like the one on my sled
  10. bob ram

    What does your screen name mean??

    My name is Robert (I go by Bob) and I drive a silver dodge.
  11. bob ram

    Dog days of summer 07

    Congrats to everyone you looks like bombers did well ps good #s Max
  12. bob ram

    New "Killer B" Graphics

    Way cool summit8-)
  13. bob ram

    Oldie Cartoons

    [quote= Chip and Dale's- I can sing that one too...lol Which Chip and Dale theme song do you know.
  14. I'll see you all there!!! P.S. I am looking forword to see the new addition Justin, is it installed.
  15. What I remember about 1976 is the freedom train. They took an old steam train out of a park in Portland Or. And restored it and painted it red white and blue. Now the train is an excursion train that is painted orange and called the day light after the train that ran from San Francesco to Los Angles and in the summer it did it in the day light. I was 14 the Freedom train ran past my house in Basalt on it way to Idaho Falls. I sat by the track all morning to see it.