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  1. IDAHO EAST SIDE DYNO DAY, #31 Saturday June 30th, 2012

    Just to tell you a little about our Dyno. our Dyno is made to test the higher HP trucks, with a bigger eddie brake this allows us to load more powerful trucks, and its mobile! cant wait to see you all there!!
  2. IDAHO EAST SIDE DYNO DAY, #31 Saturday June 30th, 2012

    We're really excited for the dyno. we hope to see a lot of you ITD members. This is going to be fun, we have a local restaurant coming to make sure everyone has a full belly. so come with an empty belly!!
  3. Custom Auto Diesel performance

    CADP is proud to become a sponsor of this great group of Diesel enthusiasts. Don't hesitate to ask us anything diesel power!
  4. We're glad to be here, thanks for chance to support you guys. we talked about posting a CADP banner up on our page? when can this be done?

  5. happy to see ya in the club :cheer:

  6. Welcome to the club.