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  1. Sweet! Going to finally make it this time! I've got a buddy in town with a first gen. Yesterday he installed the gov spring, fuel pin, and timing plate. Now it won't start. Gets fuel to the injector, but still no go. Thinking timing plate. If anybody has any ideas please call me!!! He wanted to dyno his truck as well. Thanks, Lon 208-484-3088
  2. Sweet! That will give me time to get the truck dialed in and ready! Looking forward to it!!!
  3. Oilburner

    March Dyno

    It has been Muddy! Finally have some things corrected on my truck and want to see what she will do...
  4. Oilburner

    March Dyno

    Sometime in the middle of the month would be great! When I get home I need to do some tuning. Been a while for me...
  5. Hey guys! Might be a while. Won't be back from Afghanistan till after Feb! Papa needs new turbos! HAHAHAHA! Will shop up soon though. And hopefully with some new goodies!

  6. lon, wb to ITD :cheer:

    dont make yourself scare. been a long time since an event....

  7. Glad to see you made it back.

  8. Oilburner


    I've got the projector headlights with DDM HID's! And they are amazing! The DDM kits are very well built kits for the price. In fact it still amazes me how good they are for the price. I bought the 35w, 5000k, and the just blow me away at how well I can see at night now!!! http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/DDM-HID-Kit-Slim-Ballast-35W-or-55W
  9. Oilburner

    Best of Detroit

    Well I spoke too soon. Found a slight exhaust leak that will need to be fixed. So I won't be going tomorrow. Lon
  10. Oilburner

    Best of Detroit

    Sunday the 20th. Gates open at 9:00am and racing starts at 2:00pm. Finally home for a race. Weather is supposed to clear up and be in the 70's!!! I hope.....Lon
  11. Oilburner

    What combo for 600HP???

    I'm knocking on the door of 600. Trying to find that extra 15 hp. I've got the DDP3's and still back down the plate for temp relief. And the xmsn is in the neighborhood of $7500. Far more fun than rowing a boat and consistent. Took me seven years to get the tranny to that point though. The nice thing is if you spend money somewhere make sure they have good support. Lenny at Dynomite Diesel has helped me tune my truck to where it is and I can't thank them enough. Dave and Matt at Ultimate Transmission build one mean tranny with excellent support. For the amount of miles on the truck it still just amazes me how much better it keeps on getting. Lon
  12. Oilburner

    California Fires

    I work a 12 day on and 12 days off schedule. I'll be home on the 30th. They are a blast to watch and listen to the engines work.
  13. Oilburner

    California Fires

    Thats because they chit and git!!!
  14. Oilburner

    California Fires

    Heres a link to some photos of the larger helicopters flying the fires down here. I'm on a helibase just outside King City, CA and they have a slurry tank set up here for them to dip out of. The Chinook is my favorite. When I worked for Columbia Helicopters in the engine shop I overhauled those engines. EACH engine puts out over 4000 horse power!!! The bucket they are using holds up to 3000 gallons of retardant or water!!! http://picasaweb.google.com/loncalhoun
  15. Too Funny!!! Us old schoolers are under the hood trying to find Horse Power getting dirty and every time I look over at Rob he's on his lap top staying clean!!! I guess there are advantages to having a computer controlled truck!!! Congrats on making into the mag even if it does make you look like a nerd!!! LOL!!! What do you mean a cheesey smile Rob? That pretty normal from what I've seen....