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  1. bashby80

    I'm BACK!

    Yep, I found a great deal on this truck and couldn't pass it up.
  2. bashby80

    I'm BACK!

    Ok, so I thought I would do a reintroduction since I've been gone for almost two years. I sold my 01 cummins for a 09 hemi and enjoyed it while I had it. Then last month we bought a 31' travel trailer and the hemi did great....on flat land. So three days ago I treated myself to a birthday gift of getting into a 05 powerstroke 6.0 with 69k miles. I swear it was owned by an old couple that just pulled a 5th wheel once a month or something, because this thing is CLEAN! Then the next day we loaded up the trailer and drove to Cascade and didn't have a single issue. We're getting ready to head back to mountain home today, and so I'd say this was a great birthday week!
  3. bashby80

    Dyno Day #30. RESULTS

    Well, I wasn't able to make it after all due to my wife giving herself a concussion a couple days prior and leaving me to watch our 6 month old son while she healed. Now we're on vacation in Hawaii, but maybe I can actually make it to the next one in a newer Cummins (lookin to trade my '01 when we get back to town).
  4. I'm Vehicle Ops, but I'm working for our flight leadership in Bld 1224 (EnE, Metals Tech bld)
  5. Yea, only because of Air Force. I'll roll up there with y'all. I'm trying to get more people to tag along from my shop.
  6. So how many people will be passing through Mountain Home headed West for this Hoe Down? I'm lookin to Bombvoy up!
  7. bashby80


    Well that makes it easy on me. LoL. Good to hear.
  8. bashby80


    BTW, if we do the deal...do you have the tools to do a swap if I drive up from Mountain Home?
  9. bashby80


    I'm possibly interested. Not sure if I wanna go stacks or not. I have 4" turbo back w/ free flow muffler (MBRP) W/ a 6" chrome tip. I'm sure it wouldn't be anything to turn it into a single stack and cut the bend off the top. Just letting you know I'm considering, but if you find a for sure deal, go for it. I'll keep ya posted.
  10. Just bought plane tickets for a family vacation to Hawaii, then got scared because I thought I was going to miss the Dyno Day. STILL GONNA MAKE IT! haha
  11. I planning on going. It'll be my first one in my first Cummins (diesel all together). I wish I could've made it to the last one, but found out a little late. Anyone going to be convoying up from at least Mountain Home?
  12. Welcome to the club.