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  1. hey gang, iv got an 89 cummins im working on and im in need of some intercooler piping to complete this thing. I found everything online but if I can source some stuff locally that would be ideal. you can call or text me also 208-957-3600
  2. sponge_bob

    Need a rolling frame

    Hey dudes, so I am getting ready to take possession of a 01 (totalled) with a low miles 24 valve with a nv5600 backing it. I need to know if I can buy a donor Gasser 98 to 02 that I can swap the motor and tranny in? I'm sure this has been covered on here but this Tapatalk is weird and I'm retarded. Anyways look forward to hearing back from ya and excited to get this project rolling Sent from my QMV7B using Tapatalk
  3. sponge_bob


    right on, i am gonna try and make it out there. yeah i hated to sell it but ran into some trouble... i will definitely be getting another 2nd gen maybe an extended cab this time with a six speed.
  4. sponge_bob


    Hope all you hillbilly's are alive and well, i miss all you guys. I'm officially diesel-less (for now) hope i am still welcome here
  5. sponge_bob

    ... Hello ?

    I think the younger generation could learn a thing or two here. "rolling coal" not as cool as it once was...was it ever cool? damn kids anyways:wall:
  6. Hello all, it's been awhile I know. Iv been off at WyoTech getting educated! Wondering if the Wednesday meet ups are still going on, I would love to catch up with you crazy sob's Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. excellent, i think i would be nervous that the cop would mistake me for a bad man and return fire.
  8. i only had to time for the parkin lot bs session but it was still good fun and good to see everyone.
  9. sponge_bob

    94 to 02 grill

    bring one with you to the dinner meet tomorrow night if your gonna be there. might take it off your hands. the way my luck is i know im gonna need a spare
  10. sponge_bob

    10 Tanker Air Carrier's Tanker 911

    i saw that thing on the fire up by garden valley yesterday. amazing aircraft!
  11. sponge_bob

    looking for an intercooler

    ran off the road up by placerville, the tree won...
  12. sponge_bob

    looking for an intercooler

    all i have left to get running is an intercooler, hope someone out there can help me out
  13. thanks, it was great. iv been up in garden valley working and no computer up there so iv been out of touch with the world for awhile. but im back and still have some parts to get for the pickup before its road worthy. hope to see everyone soon!!