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  1. Can I Borrow Your Trailer, Please?

    my big trailer is full, and my car trailer is on the other side of the state, otherwise I'd let you use it, I do however have a giant come-along.
  2. Racing Team?

    I used to participate before I moved away, had a great time everytime.
  3. 97 ccsb parts needed

    If you find something soon I'll buy front end parts from you if you have extras.
  4. The Red Mule still won't start

    Ahh ok I thought you were going the other way with it for some reason.
  5. The Red Mule still won't start

    wouldn't it be easier just to swap the ECM?
  6. Possible that the thermostat opened too soon when there was pressure from the coolant trying to move? Sometimes they just do funky things.
  7. New diesel

    They offer the toureg TDI 4wd with a V6 diesel now as well. The V-10 is a monster though.
  8. Parting 1991 F-250

    do you have any of that 1995 left? my little sister hit a deer with her 96 stroker and we need some front end parts.
  9. WTB: 24V Cummins used motor "runner"

    I forgot about Mike, he's done work for me in the past and I was quite happy with it, I've just been going in more of a high HP direction and he really doesn't do that.
  10. WTB: 24V Cummins used motor "runner"

    Injectors are cheap to rebuild, it's basically just checking pop pressure and spray pattern, quite easy. The VP on the other hand I wouldn't do either one, they don't really start losing performance, they run great right up until they quit for the most part. Keep it fed and it'll run for a long time, if you feel the need to have a fresh one then you might as well just buy a new one.
  11. WTB: 24V Cummins used motor "runner"

    There was a mistake in the casting process, the 53 block was made for a much lower hp application, hence cheaper weaker casting, it's hit or miss whether they crack. You not having the HP turned up much is helping it live as well.
  12. WTB: 24V Cummins used motor "runner"

    Gem state does a nice job from what I've seen. 53 is referring to the "53" block that likes to crack.
  13. International MXT/Cummins Conversion?

    I wasn't active on any forums for a while, too busy with school and flying. Life has been pretty crazy the last few years.
  14. International MXT/Cummins Conversion?

    Ha! guilty, although it wasn't that damn old was it? It was in my "new posts" list after all.
  15. International MXT/Cummins Conversion?

    I would think a DT466E would be almost plug and play as far as ECM inputs, and in my opinion is a better engine than the Cummins.