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  1. firth4x4

    Engine RPM on Interstate

    OK, guess with the lower gears Ford used during the 90's it is what it is!
  2. firth4x4

    ZF5 Shifter Overhaul

    Well my truck has 192k miles and it was well over due for some TLC on the tranny. I had ATF pissing out all over the top of my trans, and the annoying smell of ATF in the cab. Could not find a decent write up anywhere with pics, so figured I would share my experience. The ZF lower shifter is lubed by the trans, hence if your boot is cracked to shit like mine, you will have a river of ATF flowing down your outfit. Also as a side note, I drained and refilled with Royal Purple Synchromax trans fluid, noise went down and smoother shifting, even with mostly hammered snychros. All parts I got through Idaho Transmission Warehouse (208) 523-1718. Removing the shifter is pretty straight forward. Remove the 4 Phillips head screws that hold your shift boot too the floor, slide it up and invert it onto the shift lever. Remove the two bolts 10mm head that hold on your shift lever. Now you are looking at the lower shifter assembly, remove the 4 metric allen head screws, and pull the lower assembly up and out. Watch the two plastic bushings don't fall down into your trans case. Now for some pics and reassembly. My shifter was wore out, the plastic bushings had actually eaten into the brass looking part of the lower assembly. The new assembly appears to be made of a harder material. Looks like ZF got smart! Here are the bushings you want to replace. Clean your surface and install the new gasket, or use Gray Permatex RTV. I glued my gasket down with some headliner adhesive so it would not move on me. This is easily removed later with an air angle grinder and coarse pad. Install the two plastic bushings onto the studs on the lower shifter, drop into the square slots in the top of the trans case. Here are your shift boots, they improved the design from OEM. There is a snap ring that holds in the boot, It is installed from the bottom of the plate. Push it in firm with something blunt ended. I chose to replace the grade 8.8 allen head bolts with grade 10.9 flange head capscrews from my work. My allen head screws where mostly stripped, curtsey of the previous owner. Slide the boot and plate down, install the 4 screws. Snug up, don't go nuts, aluminum threads strip very easily! Reinstall your shift boot and 4 screws. Mine is shit, thanks again previous owner! Will get a new boot someday! LMC is outrageous though. Here is the part # for the lower shifter assembly: Pretty much it, let me know if you got any questions!
  3. firth4x4

    Get your pic's up for september ROTM

    1994 F350 7.3 Powerstroke ZF5 trans with solid flywheel conversion Reversal shackle kit with Bilstein shocks 315/75R16 Hankook DynaPros 4" straight pipe John Deere oil and filter New grille, light buckets, and lights
  4. firth4x4

    Engine RPM on Interstate

    What are you guys taching at 75mph in Overdrive? Dad's truck has 35" tires and 4.10 gears and in 5th gear we are right at 2500rpm. Seems way high to me.
  5. firth4x4

    Get your pic's up for september ROTM

    I am going to get a picture of my 94, just need to get the new tires on there today or tomorrow. She is one sweet rig.
  6. firth4x4


    For stock replacement headlamps RockAuto has the lowest prices, even after shipping.
  7. firth4x4

    Video of a very well built 6.9idi...

    Ya I have a soft spot for the 6.9, good memories of my uncles late 80's Ford with 4 on the floor pulling that horse trailer when we headed up deer huntin.
  8. firth4x4

    IDI in Poky

    We have had several people work from us from the school, good folks. I work up here in Blackfoot at John Deere. Buy as many tools as you can while you still have the 60% off with Matco and Snapon. Stay away from Mac, they are going to shit. We should have a beer sometime, I would love to see your truck. Been thinking of building an IDI for years.
  9. firth4x4

    Video of a very well built 6.9idi...

    Some people are obsessed with Cummins! And I've owned one so I am not just blowing smoke out my ass. But it is asinine to me to spend upwards of $10k to do a Cummins conversion in a Ford, the Powerstroke is more than capable. If you want a Cummins buy a Dodge! And as for the International IDI motors, they have there place. Plentiful and cheap to work on, reliable, time tested. They will run on almost anything oil based, and pull a horse trailer just fine from my experience. Unless you are building a sled pulling truck, run what you got man!
  10. firth4x4

    NV4500 questions

    Here you go. nv4500-2012.pdf
  11. firth4x4

    ZF 5 spd manual

    Also, on a side note, these shifter mechanisms are luibed by ATF. My boot was all tore up, and fluid would splash out creating a slow leak, I could smell ATF in the cab. Will post pics of the whole overhaul procedure once i am done.
  12. firth4x4

    ZF 5 spd manual

    Well Ive got my shifter apart. Where the two plastic pieces go on either side of the shifter, it is actually worn into the lower shifter mechanism. The rectangular piece that allows the shifter to pivot looks like brass, quite soft. So I have new platic bushing but not going to do me any good, so looks like I need a new lower shifter mechanism. Calling Idaho Transmission Warehouse on Monday, they got me all the other parts I needed.
  13. firth4x4

    Mounting/Boresighting/Sighting In

    Just to note I sighted in my .25-06 deer rifle bullseye at 30 yards. Went I took the target out to 100 yards, i was 1-2" high. Worked ideally this time.
  14. Hi guys I have tons of parts for sale, the two bigger items are: 1999 Dodge 318 out of a Ram 1500 2 cylinders 100psi, complete engines, runs but needs work obviously $100 1980's Chevy 454 big block Complete carb, plugs, wires, front accessories, everything Includes headers and flywheel Has 90's style Vortec valve covers Ive seen it run, but has spun a bearing so needs work. $300 Smaller stuff: See pics, tons of filters, brake parts, etc, all brand new. Ford grille with lights and bezels (not pictured), Tacoma brand new custom floor mats Make offer I'm in Firth, let me know if interested. Thanks guys.