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  1. Old Smoky

    1st Gen POD Injectors 175.00

    Are you going back to stock injectors? I ran a set of honed POD's for about 90,000 miles. They make good power!
  2. Old Smoky

    New Turbos

    Congrats on 11's! Turbos look good too!
  3. I will do that. I don't have too many before pics, but I can post some after pics. I just got done refinishing the wood. New seat covers on the rear seat, need to do the fronts. I have a new carpet kit, and headliner to install. It is a color change from palomino to creme beige, so I will have to recover some other trim pieces, and dye others. Lots of work to do!
  4. They are really neat "old" cars. I plan (hope it works out) on having the interior done this year, and maybe painting it next year. Then, maybe try to make a little power with it. Right now the interior is gutted besides the dash and drivers seat - but I am still driving it!
  5. Good lookin' benz, Rocketnut. Just got an 85 300D a few months ago that I have been working on . Will have to get it on the dyno sometime!
  6. Old Smoky

    Idaho Dyno Day #33 results

    Thanks for putting on another great dyno event. Had a good time! Mike
  7. Old Smoky

    Results March 17th, 2012 DYNO DAY, #29

    Thanks. I like the stacks on your truck. Thanks for posting the videos! I appreciate the hard work of the dyno operators to get the tach signal working.
  8. Old Smoky

    Results March 17th, 2012 DYNO DAY, #29

    Thanks. You put on a good show yourself.
  9. Old Smoky

    Results March 17th, 2012 DYNO DAY, #29

    Had a good time. Seemed to be a pretty good group of people. I was going to ask someone to take a video of my run, but forgot. Did anyone happen to take a video or picture? Mike
  10. Do they mind if you run your own truck?
  11. Looks like I should be able to make it. It's only about 10-15min from home. Mike
  12. Welcome to the club.