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  1. 550snowhound

    Dyno Day #30. RESULTS

    Thanks everyone for putting the event together! Was a good time and enjoyed the company! Thanks for all the pics and everything! Josh
  2. 550snowhound

    Dyno results!!!!

    Well thanks, Lookin forward to the next event. Got parts coming.
  3. 550snowhound

    Dyno results!!!!

    Well I had fun at the Dyno event. Thanks for the welcome. Next dyno Event i hope to throw higher numbers. Should have bigger injectors and hope to have the truck fire ringed by then. Hoping to be around 400hp next time I roll. Or that is the plan. Well thanks for the help and keep me posted on the next event. Thanks J.D.
  4. 550snowhound

    Idaho Dyno Days @ Meridian Aug 18 & 19, 2007

    Hey Muddy I plan on showing up. Got the truck and plan on running it on the dyno. Gonna be low numbers but want to see what im at now before I tap this pump wire for my Drag Comp.
  5. 550snowhound

    Mini Dyno Day????

    Sorry i couldnt make it out on Sat. was on call and they wouldnt let me leave town. Was hopin to meet you all. Just let me know when the next event is. Lookin forward to going!!!! Later J.D.
  6. 550snowhound

    Mini Dyno Day????

    Hey Steve Thanks, you by chance dont know " Ithink its Brady" out in Salt Lake. Cause I knoe that my dad knows him pretty well. I was just checkin since you have the Industrail Injections website up?
  7. 550snowhound

    Mini Dyno Day????

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if its alright if I show up to the event. I dont have my truck here yet but would like to get to know some of you guys. I might be coming up with a buddy from base if its alright if I show up. The only thing is that I have no clue where this place is at. Just shoot me a message. Thanks JD