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  1. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    I guess I was too tired last night. I was being rhetorical. The truck is definitely not done and I would not leave my ITD friends out of seeing the progress. It was a busy summer with my son graduating from high school and his leaving on a church mission for Italy last month. Detra and I are right now empty-nesters and I am looking forward to actually felling good enough to work on the truck. Weekdays are still tough after working 8 to 9 hours a day. I usually just come and want to crash. But I will push forward.
  2. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    Well it has been some time since I posted anything and I would like to say that my truck is done. This past years has seen many challenges since our accident. It was also my son's last year in high school. Being a 3 sport standout athlete meant that dad did a lot of traveling watching cross country and track meets along with basketball games. My wife had to endure two more surgeries with the accompanying recovery time. I was finally diagnosed with post-concussive syndrome with headaches, short term memory loss and a good dose of vertigo. I also experienced some significant accelerated hearing loss. My physical capabilities have been greatly reduced with some significant leg strength loss and a right foot that has no feeling. But with that said, I am finally finding the spare time I need to finally push my project forward. I have been busy with planning some modifications that need to take place such as custom a/c, custom instrument panel. Stay tuned.
  3. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    I am taking too long Muddy. But on the bright side, Lumpdog will finished with my front axle this week. My custom suspension will be done around Thanksgiving. This fall and winter will be about rebuilding my transfer case and starting to put everything together. The goal is by spring to have a complete rolling chassis ready for the body and bed.
  4. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    No real bid news. My wife and I continue to mend. She is progressing much slower than I am. We are currently getting ready to move to a one-level home also in McCall (she can't do stairs). So I won't really be working on the project in the next couple of weeks. Lumpdog says my front axle will be ready by the 14th of September. Then I have to decide whether or not to drive down to Vegas to pick up my wife and my wheels. I still have to get a few furniture projects out of the shop before I can go back to the good stuff .
  5. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    And a work bench with a stainless steel top
  6. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    No kidding Muddy. Especially since the doc said I hit my head At least I have an excuse if I forget our anniversary or my wife's birthday. :lmao2:But seriously, lots of pictures, lots of labels and zip lock bags and containers of all sorts. Looking forward to spending time in the shop this fall and winter.
  7. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    First things first. Up here in Valley County we dispensed evil with Western Justice. Second, it was a productive day. One of a few I have had since our accident. Got the shop all cleaned up and the 6.5 core motor on the engine stand. Now I need another bench just for the engine parts. Lots of pictures and lots of zip lock bags.
  8. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    Finally got my 6.5 core motor with all of the right pieces today. Can't wait to get it on the stand and..oops getting ahead of myself. First things first. Need my Dana 60 back along with the suspension.
  9. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    My problem has been getting time in the shop along with a few wood projects from my wife's store that have crept in. The other problem simply is my recovery from our accident. I am better but so far since the accident I have been limited to 10 lb max in the push, pull, carry stuff. I hope that changes next week. I am trying to collect all of the parts this summer and into fall. Next on the list are 1) the suspension, 2) all of the steering parts, 3) all of the brake parts, 4) the flywheel, bellhousing and clutch, 5) a new 32 spline input shaft, SYE and e-brake for the transfer case, and 6) a few assorted other parts. Then I can actually have something to work on and due during the long winter nights in McCall. By spring I want to have a rolling chassis ready for a body.
  10. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    I many not be able to push, pull, lift or carry more than 10 lbs but I can sure use my credit card I picked up the right core motor with all of the required pieces. Not sure yet if the motor is rebuildable or not. Lumpdog should be working on my front axle over the next couple of weeks. I picked up a NV4500 out of a Chevy 4x4. So all I need is a decent heater that does not sound like a jet engine for the shop this winter and I might have a smile on my face. Last winter was miserable.
  11. New Here

    Welcome as well.
  12. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    As many of you know or maybe don't know 2 months ago my wife and I were in a serious car accident outside of Riggins. My physical abilities have been severely curtailed during the early stages of my recovery. Hopefully the doc will give me a green light to do more hear in about a week or so. As far as my project goes, Chris Bowman will be finishing up the front axle this month and I picked up a core 6.5L TD in La Grande. Yeah I know it's now a Cummins. But it is what I wanted in this project. At this point in time I am not sure if the engine is rebuildable. I bought more for all of the other stuff I needed. If it is not rebuildable, I may go with a military takeout from Ted's Trucks or even a new motor from AM General. the goal is to have a rolling chassis this fall. I will update later with more pictures.
  13. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    I could not see spending $150 or more per wheel.
  14. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    Here is the stock H2 wheel and a powder coated black H2 wheel
  15. 85 Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Build

    I finally found the wheels I was looking for. I picked up a set of Hummer H2 wheels for damn cheap. I am going to powdercoat them black. Even with my injuries, I should be able to work in the shop this summer. The goal is to have a rolling chassis by the end of summer.