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  1. 12v76f250

    front axle issues on the cummins ford

    have you had these in any of your rigs?
  2. i have got a 76 f250 4x4 with 1993 12v and spicer 3053a five speed and a dana 44HD that apparently cannot hold the weight of the iron. i put new spicer ball joints in last year and the lower joints are now worn out. i would like to buy a 78 79 f350 king pin dana 60 with 31.5" spring centers that would be ideal because no fab or modification needed due to the 31.5"spring center but folks are real proud of that item and want ungodly amounts of money. the other option would be to buy a 86 to 93 f350 front axle with 36.5"spring center and have it narrowed to fit. if yall know of any one that has parts of or knows of anybody that could do these services i would much apprecieate the input. also any other suggestion on what could be done to fix my little issue would be outstanding
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