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  1. 84chevyguyid

    86 Chevy crew cab conversion started

    I sent my gauges down to Utah to a place that does white face stickers and had them redo them for me. I used a camaro 150 mph speedo and pulled the needle and stuck the 85 mph pickup face on it with the camaro 150 sticker. I think they all turned out really nice looking. If you are wondering why I went with a 150 mph speedometer, I have 3.54 gears with 33 inch tall tires and with the allison 6 speed here are the approx speeds at different rpm's. Beside that it just looks cool! Road speed at given RPM in miles per hour Gear RPM RPM RPM 1700 2800 3200 1 15 25 29 2 26 43 49 3 33 55 63 4 47 78 89 5 66 109 125 6 76 125 143
  2. 84chevyguyid

    86 Chevy crew cab conversion started

    Havent gotten around to working on my project too much for awhile. I got a bolt in 4x4 trans hump and it will clear my trans/tcase fine. I had to bend the transfer case shifter arm just a little to clear the trans housing and I will have to add a couple of inches to the rod and it should hook up. I pulled the cab back off and started stripping the firewall so I can get it blasted and undercoated but run out of good weather and its still sitting, waiting to get sandblasted. I been doing a little work on the gauge panel. I wanted to have a boost and pyrometer gauge and been trying to find a good place to mount them. I like the "stock" look of things so wherever I put them, I wanted the install to look like it came that way from the factory. I have several dash bezels collected so I decided to play around with the idea of putting two more gauge holes in the a/c vent location. I cut the two top gauge holes out of a bezel and cut the a/c vent spot out to accept them. Was able to glue the piece in then take a solder iron and melt the front in and smooth it out. Then I cut the radio opening out and put the opening for the a/c vent in its place.
  3. 84chevyguyid

    A funny at my son's basketball game

    We were at Malad last fri for a high school basketball game. At the half time of the varsity game, they did this fundraiser where they sell kids a sheet of paper for a buck and they make an airplane out of it and write their name on it. They scatter different prizes around on the court and on the count of 3 everybody throws their planes. The closest plane to a particular prize wins it. So Malad's AD is reading names for prizes and he reads out "Mike Hawk". He announced it out over the pa system three times but ol Mike never came to collect his prize. It was hilarious! Score to the juvenile delinquents that got it to work!!
  4. This company from Oregon is moving a piece of oil field machinery through our area so we had to check it out. The thing weighs a touch over 900,000 lbs and is almost 400 feet long with the 3 trucks attached and there is something like 128 tires on all the dollies. Its 28 feet wide and maybe 20 foot tall. There is a platform on the back that has two steering wheels to help maneuver it around corners. One of the security guys there says the front truck is around 1,900 horsepower, the first rear one is 1,500 horsepower and the other two rear ones are around a thousand hp each. They move it after 10 pm at night and go till 6 am or the next pullout wherever that may be at a blinding speed of 10 to 12 mph. They have several really sharp corners to go around tonight and a bunch of us are going to camp out by the sharpest one so we can see how they negotiate it, should go through at 1 or 2 am. They are trying to get to a town called Salmon Idaho by morning then tomorrow night they will go up over the continental divide into Montana over Lost Trail Pass which is partially snow covered and icy, also there is supposed to be a snow storm coming in tomorrow night. Whats the pucker factor of taking a 450 ton load over a snow covered mountain pass 40 miles long with 6.5 % grades? I wouldnt want to be driving the front truck.... Tried for the gratuitous suburban shot but it didnt turn out so well.
  5. 84chevyguyid

    New Here

    Welcome to the board! I have an 87 6.2 suburban that I bought in dec 88. Still driving it, about 310,000 on it so far. Currently running a 6.5 with a banks turbo on it. Mike
  6. 84chevyguyid

    Blowby/low compression problem

    I am working on a 2000 bluebird/freightliner school bus with a 24 valve motor in it. The story goes like this, the bus had about 125,000 miles on it and it starts blowing oil out of the crankcase breather, that comes off the front cover. I took it to the local cummins dealer and they tell me it has excessive blowby on one cylinder, cant recall which one it was now. The problem got worse and it started missing on that cylinder. I ran it through the rest of the school year then pulled it out and tore it down. I couldnt really find a problem with the cylinder, it didnt look any different than the rest of them. The bore was maybe a little loose so I took it the the machine shop and the guy decided it could stand a bore job so he bored it out 20 thousands and put new pistons, rings, ect, new turbo, and rebuilt the head. He was thinking maybe it got hot and took the tension out of the rings or something, and maybe thats why it had the blowby issue. I put it back together and stuck it in the bus and it ran great for the first 500 miles or so then it started blowing oil out of the breather again and eventually got bad enough that it started missing again. I finished the year out with it again and took it back to the cummins shop and they checked the compression and said it has a low cylinder again, number 2 this time, cant remember which one was the problem the other time. I pulled the head today and took the piston out, expecting to find a broken ring or something that I might have done when I put it together but the rings all look good, the bore looks good and the head and head gasket look fine on initial examination. I didnt mike out the bore, piston, or rings the first time because I trusted the machinist to do all that but checking it out today, the bore measures 4.0355, the piston measures 4.030, giving me 5 and one half thousands clearance and the spec is 4 and a half to 6 and a half thousands so the bore and the piston are within the spec. The top ring spec is supposed to be ten to fourteen thousands and my ring measures 16 thousands so its a little loose. Havent checked the middle ring yet. The piston is sooted up down to the top ring and below the top ring and on down, the piston is still nice and shiny and doesnt show any sign of combustion leaking past the top ring. I am a little puzzled by this thing. The cummins dealer said they put air in that cylinder and it seemed to be leaking past the rings and blowing air out of the crankcase breather but so far I cant find a problem with anything. Any ideas on what to look at?? Mike
  7. 84chevyguyid

    86 Chevy crew cab conversion started

    Made some progress the past few days, go the drivetrain all bolted in and set the cab on, had to use 2x4's laid flat on the body mounts to make the cab clear the trans. My pickup was a 2 wheel drive so it has the small trans hump and I think I am going to get a 4 wheel drive hump and put in it and then everything will clear. After I get the trans hump done then I will pull the cab again and get the exhaust built, fuel tanks remounted and run the fuel and brake lines. While the cab is off, I want to spray the underneath, firewall and cowl with lizzard skin or something equivalent to cut heat and noise.
  8. 84chevyguyid

    86 Chevy crew cab conversion started

    Got a little bit of an update, I tore my motor apart some and resealed it. Pulled the head and had it resurfaced and put it back together with a genuine cummins head gasket. Also added the "60" lb springs to the valves to go along with the 4000 governor springs I put in the fuel pump. Waiting for my friend to come over and time the pump for me, 12 degrees is stock timing and I am going to set it at 15 degrees and see how it runs. After I get it timed, I can take it off the stand, replace the rear main seal then its ready to bolt in the frame. Got the serp belt setup put together. Also have the trans and transfer case ready to bolt in too. Had a friend build a speed sensor setup on the back of the trans for me, turned out pretty good. Cant wait to see it all sitting in place!
  9. 84chevyguyid

    86 Chevy crew cab conversion started

    On my 86 chevy crew cab, I am using 1990 dodge one ton axles and Im not sure what to do about the brake proportioning valve. I got the dodge axles with new factory brake lines on them. Both the front and rear axles are set up with a tee in the middle and a single hose up to the frame. I dont have a proportioning valve for the dodge but I do have one for the chevy but the chevy valve has two ports out of the valve for the front brakes so my question is, can I plug one front port on the chevy valve, as thats all I need for the dodge front axle, or will doing so mess up the operation of the chevy valve? Thanks, Mike
  10. 84chevyguyid

    86 Chevy crew cab conversion started

    I been plugging along on my project lately, after I got all the drivetrain mounts finished I took my frame over to a friends shop last saturday and got it and the axles sandblasted then spent the week assembling the axles back on the frame, painting, ect. Today I got the front shock mounts mapped out and got a gooseneck hitch installed. Now I need to get the brake lines mounted back on the frame, put the receiver hitch back on then do a little repair work on the rear bumper then stick it on. Its kinda fun to finally be bolting things back on for good now! Also here is a pic of our first grandchild, he was born on jan 23, weighed a whopping 2 lbs 8 ounces, he is almost 6 lbs now and I decided he was big enough that I dare hold him.
  11. I guess the title says it all, where is a good place to buy a pump or get one rebuilt? Thanks, Mike
  12. 84chevyguyid

    86 Chevy crew cab conversion started

    I got the 241 transfer case stuck on the trans with a couple of bolts. Looks like I will be ok clearance wise to the trans. I have about an inch from the driveline to the side of the oil pan, the lip is a little tighter but if it is too close when I get done I can remove part of the lip in I need to. The driveline is out of a setup with a 700 trans and a 208 transfer case and looks to be about 6 and a half inches too short. Recap on the transfer case, got a passenger drop 241 and swapped the right input gear in it to fit the 4x4 allison output shaft and found an output housing for a mechanical speedometer. The next thing to come up with is a tone wheel that will press onto the transfer case input shaft nose and build a speed sensor mount into the tail housing of the 4x4 transmission. I came across a few pics of what I need to build. Here is a link to the pics http://www.s10forum.com/forum/f10/duramax-swap-425602/index11.html
  13. 84chevyguyid

    86 Chevy crew cab conversion started

    Also here are a few pics of the motor and trans bolted together
  14. 84chevyguyid

    86 Chevy crew cab conversion started

    I am working on frame brackets and a crossmember using 94 dodge motor mounts and have a few questions. How much sag in the rubber bushing can i expect when I put the weight of the motor on them? I was planning on a 1/4 inch sag, am I close? Also how much movement can I expect under a load, shutdown, ect? On the crossmember between the frame brackets, how far below the oil pan should I have the crossmember sit? Is 3/4 to 1 inch ok before I let the motor down on the mounts? I like the looks of those poly inserts that go in and fill in the gaps on the rubber mounts. Anybody using them? any extra noise or vibration compared to the stock donuts? Here is a pic of the inserts I am talking about, also my brackets and crossmember setup.