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  1. crazypolarispro800rider

    Almost time

    first day of snow to day in north idahhohohohohooooo its getting closer
  2. crazypolarispro800rider

    Almost time

    there some sweet looking sleds. do you ever ride around mccall id or avery?
  3. crazypolarispro800rider

    Almost time

    tryed to up load pics but didnt seem to work got a error is there a size limit?
  4. crazypolarispro800rider

    Piled up my XP - Looking for a replacement

    glad your safe that looked painfull for you and the sled what kinda new sled you looking for
  5. crazypolarispro800rider

    Almost time

    help ok folks please tell a newbe how i and where to down load pics and as for snow i hear denver had 16 in as soon as i get this sled put back to gether i will be going nuts to try it. where is the summit free ride?
  6. crazypolarispro800rider

    november 19 and 20 camp and shoot

    where will this ride take place:-?
  7. crazypolarispro800rider

    Almost time

    in july wow your just trying to make a sled junkie sick huh will get some pics up this weekend
  8. crazypolarispro800rider

    Almost time

    id love to ride over in that area you folks get some killer snow we get your left overs
  9. crazypolarispro800rider

    Almost time

    looking for riders to do some boon docking hill climbing can wait for winter ha as for diesel i have a 2001 dodge 2500 2004 tdi jetta 2001 tdi bug 84 toyota 4x4 turbo diesel abd one jd tractor i think that can put me in as a diesel junkie have a great day