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  1. These are Sport King 33 inch tires, on really nice 16.5 aluminum 8 lug rims. Tires have about 25% tread left, all with even wear and no cupping, Should last the summer no problem. The real value is in the rims anyway. $150 Give me a call at 541-852-32 one one, I am in Caldwell Thanks, Justin
  2. jinpdx

    Mossberg 835 Ultra-Mag

    This is a Mossberg 835 Ultra-Mag pump 12ga, with a 28 inch ported barrel and black synthetic stock. It is chambered for 2.75", 3" and 3.5" shells. There are rails mounted on the foregrip to mount accessories. This is known as one of the best for turkey and geese. $350 Give me a call at 541-852-3211, I am in Caldwell. Thanks, Justin
  3. This is a Craftsman 26 inch, track drive snowblower, with an 8 horsepower engine. It is in great shape and has had very little use. The engine starts easily and runs great. It has 110v electric start if you don't feel like pulling the rope. There are 6 forward speeds and 2 in reverse, so it will handle any kind of snow you can find, and with the track drive, it is just about impossible to get it stuck. It is also equipped with a light for night time use. This is a very nice machine, and is priced under many lower quality machines on Craigslist right now. $350 Give me a call at 5418523211 Thanks, Justin
  4. Price drop to $2000. Need this sold
  5. 1984 Toyota ex-cab 4x4, with a Chevy 350. It is set up for mud bogging and sand, it has had a lot of money put into it. The body is in ok shape and the bed has been bobbed. The front clip has been cut away from the cab, and is completely removable in a matter of minutes so you can work on the engine easily if the need arises. The front has 4.88 gears, limited slip, chromoly axle shafts and longfields. The rear has 4.88 gears, Yukon full spool, chromoly axle shafts. The oil was just changed in both. It sits on 37 inch Super swamper Iroks with bead lock wheels. I have run 39.5s with only minor rubbing. The engine is a Chevy 350, bored .30 over with 9.5-1 compession. It has flat top pistons, 480 magnum cam, true roller timing chain and 1.94 valve heads. It runs very strong. It is cooled by an electric fan on an aluminum radiator. Sounds awesome with the stack headers that come out the hood. I also recently installed a 15 gallon fuel cell and all new 3/8 fuel line. Transmission is a turbo 350 that has a shift kit, it works great. Behind that is a NP208 transfer case. I chose the 208 for its light weight and better low range gears. The inside has been gutted of the entire dash for weight savings. It has a full cage, race seat on the drivers side, B&M ratchet shifter, a switch panel with headlights, wipers, and electric fan, and a oil and temp gauges. I have ran this truck in many bogs over the years and it is very fast and does great at what its built for. It could use a couple of small things to make it perfect, but it is ready to go bogging now. It is not street legal. I do have an Idaho title also. $2200 No trades. Give me a call at 5418523211 Thanks, Justin
  6. jinpdx

    2nd gen intercooler needed

  7. jinpdx

    2nd gen intercooler needed

    I need an intercooler for my 2001 dodge. If ya got one, give me a call at 541-852-3211, I'm in Caldwell.
  8. jinpdx

    Boycott the movie. "The Butler"

    Not to say that it didn't happen, or that I'm a fan of hers in any way, but I read several places, including snopes, that say the story is false (not that I read into everything snopes say either, but a lot of people do). Its just hard to know what to believe anymore, especially when a story gets passed around for so many years. People hear it from someone that heard it from someone, then start passing it around with so much conviction like they were there and seen it happen, and who's to truly know if it happened or not. I guess I just need a little more proof before I'm willing to blindly condemn someone, cause ya can't always believe everything you read. Maybe she did it, maybe she didn't, if she did, may she burn in hell forever.
  9. jinpdx


    I don't really see how these could be used for any "good" purpose. They are for spying on the citizens of the US and there is never an excuse for that.
  10. I had it happen to me about 2 years ago when I bought my AR.
  11. jinpdx

    Compression Release Brake for Cummins 6BT - Pics

    Only cause you don't remember what that sounds like.
  12. jinpdx

    Who's watching the debate tonight?

    It says everything about him. He is a coward.
  13. jinpdx

    Who's watching the debate tonight?

    Nobama got his ass kicked! I don't think I've ever heard anybody say the word "uh" that many times in 90 minutes. I honestly don't know how he made it through the debate without his teleprompter.
  14. jinpdx

    new billboard