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  1. Skinny Pedal

    immediate events

    Here is a good event everyone can enjoy. Its the High Desert Off Road Turkey Run http://www.planet4x4.net/forums/showthread.php?t=19695
  2. Skinny Pedal

    2005 G56 Clutch Install

    Feel free to come get it.
  3. Skinny Pedal

    2005 G56 Clutch Install

    What conversion are you doing?
  4. Skinny Pedal

    2005 G56 Clutch Install

    There was no need for a dual disc. This is a work rig that is barely turned up and does nothing but tow.
  5. Skinny Pedal

    2005 G56 Clutch Install

    Dual Mass POS coming out and a Soutch Bend Clutch going in. Interior coming apart. Transfer case out. Tranny out Dual Mass POS in rough shape. Soild South Bend Aligned and awaiting a shaft......... Tranny getting ready All back in New stronger hydraulics Ready for a smokey burn out!
  6. Skinny Pedal

    Think Tank - 4 Door Jeep Jk on 40s

    Thanks guys!! Now I gotta go put a clutch in a cummins with a g56.
  7. Skinny Pedal

    Think Tank - 4 Door Jeep Jk on 40s

    Almost done. Waiting on driveshafts and the steering box to get back from PSC so hydro assist can go on. Still need to make bumpers and a few other things. Gettin there though.
  8. A 40" MTR next to my itty bitty 37 Ohhhhhh, what could it be??? Sexy 60s!!!! T-Case still in T-Case out Home made spud shaft puller No more spud shaft or tail housing Ruuuuuuuubbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Crawler Interior explosion! I see some sticks coming together Look Brian, I even left your dirt in there :mrgreen: Good bye Dana Half a Sixty Hello Dana Double Thirty 40s anyone
  9. Skinny Pedal

    Skinny Pedal Motorsports Shop

    Forgot to add this picture. Us this year at Idaho Tuff Truck
  10. Skinny Pedal

    Skinny Pedal Motorsports Shop

    Wow Tyler, you save your first post for me!!
  11. Skinny Pedal

    Skinny Pedal Motorsports Shop

    I am Josh and I am the owner of Skinny Pedal Motorsports in Caldwell, ID. The local shop has been open for a little over a year now. I am aimed a little more towards the 4x4 and custom fab side of things right now but I am adding diesel performance to the list. I was a diesel mechanic by trade and have been a coal rollin junky all my life. I am not sure if there is any type of vendor program on the forum, so I will not say too much about what we do here. I do not want to step on anyone's toes. I'll throw up a few pics of 4x4 jobs I have done in the past year. Jeep YJ stretched and 1 ton axles. 6 point oh no head gaskets Custom High Pinion 60s for a Jeep JK Thats also getting 40s Custom Dash for a Rock Buggy The girlfriend abusing my rig And again Halfway though a cage for a jeep tj Winch mount for an F150