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  1. ccab85

    WANTED:Timing gear gase

    Short answer, bought a "running" motor that ended up needing a total overhaul. The case was broken when I got it but didnt find it until teardown. Also need A/C comp, condenser, hoses and mounting for an I/C 1st gen.
  2. ccab85

    WANTED:Timing gear gase

    I need a timing gear case for a 92 6b with VE pump. Could possibly use from 1989-1993, I havent researched fit for all years. Can be used or NOS, just prefer one with less damage than the one I have. Thanks.
  3. ccab85

    WANTED 1st gen I/C boot

    Does anyone have or know of someone that may have a first gen I/C boot? I need the one from the turbo elbow to I/C tube, same as tube to intake housing. Apparantly the cooler to tube ends take a different part number. Please reply or message me here, thanks.
  4. ccab85

    1977 Dodge Truck Parts

    Birdbath hood $75 Driver quality grill with clear turn lenses $25 Taillights with chrome bezels $35/pr.
  5. ccab85

    NP435 & 208 tcase

    Np 435 trans with or without 208 t case. Complete with Bellhousing and flywheel. Wrecking yard price over 400 bucks, 300 cash takes it all. Both units have been opened up and checked to be in above average condition
  6. ccab85

    Toyota Rear Diff

    Center section only, no housing, 4.10 two pinion open with ABS sensor $75.
  7. ccab85

    4th GEN CAC

    Charge air cooler pulled from a 2010 Dodge Cummins. Slight bow courtesy of a very lucky deer. Still holds pressure. 880 new, 350 now.
  8. ccab85

    1991.5 Cab & Bed

    Will do, let me know when you would like to pick it up. I will edit the ad at the time of pickup. Thanks.
  9. ccab85

    1991.5 Cab & Bed

    1991.5 long bed with tailgate has a couple of dents and is missing one piece of moulding but otherwise good shape. i am seeing these advertised in the 750 -1200 dollar range but would take 450 to move it. Reg cab from 4wd auto truck, soon to be bare no doors, glass etc. $250. Both are Blue from the same truck. Also have a lot of other pieces to sell, just scratching the surface. Will post more as I am able to uncover.
  10. ccab85

    '89 to '93 Dodge 1 Ton Wanted

    PM sent MM and Millco.
  11. ccab85

    '89 to '93 Dodge 1 Ton Wanted

    $350 or possible trade for interesting objects
  12. ccab85

    '89 to '93 Dodge 1 Ton Wanted

    Here are some pictures of the bed. The picture with the hand in it is a small crease in the right rear lower corner. The other dent is on the left front side ahead of the gas door and is a mystery dent that i have no idea how it got there since it sits next to the fence. it would pop right out with a suction cup.
  13. ccab85

    '89 to '93 Dodge 1 Ton Wanted

    8' bed for 91 Dodge.
  14. ccab85

    '89 to '93 Dodge 1 Ton Wanted

    Maybe not as hard as one might think. I have a CCSB frame here. It has a cab on it, not much left of it but dash, steering column and misc small parts. It is rolling on D44/91/4 axles. Currently being used as a storage unit. Originally planned on breaking frame down for storage and keeping in case of future need but priorities have changed and space is more valuable than stuff. Also have 91 cab and 8' bed I would like to see gone as well as a lot of interior pieces (red) and who knows what else.
  15. ccab85

    '89 to '93 Dodge 1 Ton Wanted

    What about using a true crew cab Dodge frame and putting the IH body on it? Body mounts are easy to build or source used and the Cummins drivetrain would be a bolt in.