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  1. t-bone117yamaha


    how many of those flanges are you making i would be interested in buying one and building a down pipe if you are interested
  2. t-bone117yamaha

    classic dodge cummins twin screw

    that would be sick to do a dual axle bob and a small flat bed
  3. t-bone117yamaha


    im looking for a 4" downpipe for my first gen dodge anyone know of one for sale i have cash in hand
  4. t-bone117yamaha

    2 word post thread.

    of s#$%
  5. t-bone117yamaha

    I Have a Really Bad Turbo I Guess!

    "I have a good used HX35 off the 97 i have with 130k . Let me know" i might be interested in taking that hx35 off your hands how much are you asking?