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    1999 Super Duty Hpop?

    OK guys sorry i didnt post when i got it going. Turned out it was a no fuel issue. The black plastic tube inside the fuel bowl was goofed up and not letting any fuel go past. I didnt even have to replace any parts.
  2. Strokin95

    1999 Super Duty Hpop?

    Ok i had a misunderstanding, i unplugged the icp.
  3. Strokin95

    1999 Super Duty Hpop?

    My friend has 99 psd with 200,000 +, says its just up and died after work one day. Had a mechanic look at it decided it was the hpop, qouted him 3 grand. I unplugged the IPR and nothin happened, someone told me to try it. I took a hpop line off and cranked it over got about 8oz in 5 seconds. Appears to be some mettalic pieces in the oil, my guess is the hpop is shot and not building any pressure. So my question is there a way to check hpop pressure? Or does anyone have any ideas on this, Thanks, Chad.
  4. Strokin95

    Whats up!

    Yea you have the same name there dont ya. I am old smoky on fte.
  5. Strokin95

    Whats up!

    Thanks! I have been on a few other forums, diesel bombers, dodge cummins desel forum, ford truck enthusiast. But it is nice to have a local site.
  6. We do like to have fun.

  7. Strokin95

    Whats up!

    Hey everyone just found this site out looks like its gonna be fun! I really enjoy tinkerin and like my older rigs so should fit right in.
  8. Hey thanks! Met a guy down at the Big Nasty he mentioned this site so i checked it out. Pretty cool, i too am from Idaho so it should be fun. Maybe attend some events.